practical socialism in Venezuela

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practical socialism in Venezuela

What Ivan Drury calls "an eloquent restatement of the case for socialism" can be found over here ...

The Path to Human Development :Capitalism or Socialism?

It's all there: the necessity of an alternative to the spiritual and moral impoverishment of capitalism; consumerism as a substitute for meaning; addressing the workers in the developed capitalist countries no less than those in the less developed capitalist countries; the vicious circle of capital versus the virtuous circle of 21st century socialism; the notion of "protagonism" in the new socialism; and so on. As Drury points out, Mike Lebowitz constructs the following argument:

1. Full development of creative human potential is the goal of life for human beings.
2. This full development is impossible under capitalism.
3. Socialism -- protagonist democracy in the economy and all aspects of social life -- is the path to human development.

Drury's review can be found over here ... Review