RCMP come to Sinixt Slhu7kin cultural encampment

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RCMP come to Sinixt Slhu7kin cultural encampment

..fascinating video discussion

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Sinixt winter camp at Mt Sentinel, January 2014

Sinixt winter camp at Mt Sentinel, January 2014.

Update on Sinixt Nation blockade of Mt. Sentinel

Sinixt Nation, Feb 7, 2014
Lim Limt to all the supporters and allies that came and visited us at Mt.Sentinel. Lim Limt again for the donations of food, coffee, firewood and money. And above all, Lim Limt to all the stories and laughs shared around the fire.
The Sinixt Nation has placed a combo lock on the gate at Mt. Sentinel. Any water-users, firewood gatherers, and other community members who maintain cultural relationships with the area are being encouraged to contact the Sinixt Nation for access. Access to BCTS and its licensees is being restricted until further communications and until the concerns of
the Sinixt Nation are addressed....

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RCMP come to Sinixt Slhu7kin cultural encampment

On July 16 2013 -- Two RCMP officers, one verified as being from the RCMP "E Division" Major Crimes Section and two Ministry of Natural Resources enforcement officers come to "talk" to occupants of the Sinixt encampment. They said that they could have flown in and buzzed the camp with helicopter flyovers and brought out the parabolic microphones and telephoto video camera's and what not but instead they just came to "talk." We asked Why? The RCMP inform us that anyone blocking the road will be charged with mischief under the Criminal Code of Canada. We informed all the officers of the Sinixt extinction status (which they were already well aware) and of Canadian human rights law and Canada's legal obligations to conventional international law. The Ministry enforcement officers served Notice of Trespass on Crown Land Orders to "occupants of Sinixt Nation". The Sinixt lock on the gate was removed and left open with a new lock put in place.

Police and enforcement officers issue a Notice of Trespass on Crown Land to Sinixt camp. Please see our website for the Sinixt letter disputing the Trespass Order.


Please see http://www.sinixtnation.org for more information.

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BREAKING: Sinixt Nation Marilyn James and Dennis Zareeli Jr arrested

Two people were taken into custody this morning on a Slocan Valley logging road, less than a day after a judge extended an injunction against the Sinixt First Nation and their supporters.

RCMP Sgt. Darryl Little confirmed two people were arrested without incident for failing to comply with the injunction but said names would not be released until formal charges are laid.



UPDATE: Marilyn James and Dennis Zareeli Jr remain in jail after arrest click HERE


McEwan first addressed Zarelli, who said he preferred to be called Dennis, but the judge demurred and said the hearing’s purpose was to determine whether they would be released before another hearing to decide if they should be found in contempt of court. McEwan said he would release them if they signed an undertaking not to return to the site.

“I have cultural responsibilities,” Zarelli began before the judge cut him off.

“Stop it. You’ll talk yourself into staying in jail. Will you sign an undertaking?”

“Is this man-to-man?” Zarelli asked. “I request that you put this before a court of record. I request leave of the court to respond to the claim properly.”

McEwan asked again if he would agree to stay away from the logging road.

“No. I ask you to recuse yourself from the matter,” Zarelli said.

McEwan refused. “One more chance: are you prepared to sign an undertaking?”

When Zarelli didn’t answer directly, McEwan remanded him for two weeks, although the two continued to argue afterward.

When he put the same question to James, she replied: “I am a woman. A Sinixt woman. I hold authority. I have a right to self-determination and self-governance.”

“Ma’am, you stop,” McEwan said, asking her if she would sign the promise.

She continued: “I require leave of the court to pursue the claim properly. This is not a common law court of record. You are in violation of my body, my property, the Slhu7kin [Slocan]. Until you recuse yourself from this case, as you will be a party to the remedies that I will hold …”

“Will you sign an undertaking?” McEwan asked again.

“I have cultural responsibilities. I am the matriarch,” James said before McEwan cut her off and announced he would also keep her in jail until March 17.

“What evidence do you have that she’s a person?” someone in the gallery yelled, while others stood and the courtroom erupted. “By what authority are you making this judgment?” someone else said.