Recession Relief Fund Coalition Community Forum and Speak-Out: Toronto: Thurs Jan 22, 2009

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Recession Relief Fund Coalition Community Forum and Speak-Out: Toronto: Thurs Jan 22, 2009


Recession Relief Fund Coalition
Community Forum and Speak-Out

Thursday January 22, 2009
11:00 am- 1:00 pm
Church of the Holy Trinity, Toronto (on Bay St, just North of Queen, beside the Eaton Centre)

The Recession Relief Fund Coalition invites you to an important FREE public event featuring:

1) The public presentation and signing of a Declaration demanding budget action by the Federal Government.

2) A forum to hear from members of the community about the growing needs for housing and homelessness programs, income supports, employment supports, settlement services and other supports in the midst of a growing recession.

* A hot meal will be provided.

Short presentations by four panelists will be followed by a forum where members of the community--agencies, those affected by job loss and poverty, etc.--will be encouraged to share their stories about the reality of the recession.

If you have someone who can speak out on behalf of your organization, or know of someone who would like to share their perspective regarding the impact of the recession, please contact Melissa at [email protected] ASAP. Please note that the number of speakers will be limited due to time constraints, and speakers will be restricted to 3 minutes each.

Please plan to attend, and bring service users with you. Some TTC tokens will be available.

To date, 149 organizations across Canada and hundreds of individuals have endorsed the Recession Relief Fund Declaration, and the number is growing every day. For more information about the Declaration, to view current endorsers, and to sign on, please visit:

For additional information, contact Holly Kramer at (647) 222-4420. Please spread word of this event and the Declaration widely.

In solidarity,
The Recession Relief Fund Coalition



this event is a really good idea.

we get too much news about the 'suffering' of the bankers, and not enough about reality for the majority.

 thanks for posting this here, Maysie.

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I'd like to be there...wonderful idea...but unfortunately I'll be too busy working on "recession relief".