Renovating Fortress North America: Get Ready to Pay Large For A New NORAD...

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Renovating Fortress North America: Get Ready to Pay Large For A New NORAD...

Canadian, US Military Leaders Agreee on Framework To Retool NORAD

Military leaders from the US and Canada have come to an agreement on the nuts and bolts retooling of NORAD, CBC news has learned. Now over six decades old, the bi-national air and maritime defence command - and its associated airfields, radar stations and satellite network - has been in need of a maor overhaul in the face of emerging threats, such as North Korean ballistic missiles and rapidly advancing cruise missile technology. Word of the understanding comes as two Canadian CF-18s and two American F-22 Raptors intercepted two Russian TU-95 Bear bombers which pressed close to North American airspace on Thursday.

James Ferguson of the University of Manitoba, one of the pre-eminent researchers on NORAD said the price will be substantial. Replacing the North Warning System chain of radar stations alone could cost as much as $11 billion, he said. The Liberal government has made much of saying its defence plans are fully costed, but it deliberately did not include the calculation for NORAD modernization in its policy.

Military officials would not say precisely what capabilities they are proposing, but among the biggest open question is whether a re-equipped NORAD will mean an end to Canada's long-standing prohibition on participating in ballistic missile defence.

The Liberal government's defence policy was explicit, saying Canada would not change course on missile defence, but dramatic nuclear and rocket tests by the rogue regime in North Korea have prompted both the House of Commons and the Senate defence committees to recommend a change of heart..."




A Murray Dobbin column from a couple of years ago is still pertinent and reminds us we shouldn't be at all surprised at what is happening now...

Liberals' Massive Increase in Defence Spending is a Budgetary Coup

"...The arrogance of power could scarcely be more dramatically demonstrated than by the tag-team of Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland and Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan announcing that Canada was going to cave in to Donald Trump's demand that we spend two percent of GDP on defence. We will be increasing military spending by 70 percent over 10 years - an obscenity when so many social needs go unmet.

Not only does this make a mockery of Trudeau's election pledge to return to Canada's historic peacekeeping role but surrenders to the absurd one-size-fits-all NATO imperative. Nothing has changed internationally to justify such a measure. There are no existential threats to Canada on any horizon. [Except American imperialism and our collaboration with it.]

Giving Freeland the opening role on the announcement raises the question of her disproportionate position in changing Canada's defence posture. The increase in military spending announced Wednesday will turn the Defence Department into an unabashed War Department, with Harjit Sajjan playing second fiddle to the militant Freeland..."


Or this one from the Canadian Military thread where there is further related information:

Canada Does Trump's Bidding With Massive New Defence Spending

"The Trudeau Liberals did not campaign on, and have no mandate for, significant increases in the defence budget. There has been no change in the international security environment since the election to justify such astronomical increases. The new funding envelope is nothing short of a total capitulation to the American bully President Trump..."


Next Generation Missiles Could Hold Leaders Hostage in Times of Conflict: Top General

"Gen Jonathan Vance said Russia poses most serious immediate military threat to continent. The remarks by Gen Vance, the chief of the defence staff, are among the most stark and forceful delivered to date about the urgency of re-imagining decades-old continental defence systems and arrangements. The speech comes as the Liberal government begins to grapple with how to upgrade the aerospace warning systems at NORAD. It's an expensive, multi-billion, multi-year proposition..."

It's drivel. The threat is non-existent. They're going to rob us blind for the American war-pigs' full spectrum dominance' nightmare.  Don't let them. Tell your MPs you don't support it.



Plans to rebuild defence early-warning system means political, financial headaches for Trudeau government

"The SHIELD strategy could be a tough sell in a pandemic economy. The proposal now presents a host of thorny political and financial problems for Canada...."

Just say no to NORAD!

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He said he believes it's more likely that DND will be asked to cover Canada's NORAD contribution within its existing budget — forcing the department to make cuts elsewhere.

The NORAD project also promises to drag a reluctant federal government back into a political debate over ballistic missile defence (BMD).

The recent Liberal defence policy reaffirmed the 2005 decision by Paul Martin's government to remain on the sidelines of any continental BMD effort, despite pleas from both the Senate and House of Commons defence committees to reconsider joining.

BMD is a non-starter for New Democrats and for some experts in the defence community who argue that missile defence merely contributes to the arms race...

Instead of focusing on the missiles — the "arrows," to use NORAD parlance — the expectation is that a defensive network would focus its response on the "archers," or the launch platforms. Russian bombers circling far outside of North American airspace, for example, would be targeted under the SHIELD strategy.

"That will be unpalatable to the Canadian government," said Fergusson, pointing out that the Canadian military doesn't have the long-range capability to conduct those kinds of defensive operations.

It's a conversation Canada can't avoid for much longer, he said, because much of the existing North Warning System reaches the end of its operational life by 2024.

"The United States cannot defend itself without Canada and we can't defend ourselves without the United States."

The story is a big nothing. Looks like no new money and the Liberal government is not in favor of BMD. 

The NDP is not against NORAD has a whole. I'm not sure what Lascaris thinks about it but he would be the sole hope of Canada leaving NORAD and I think a solid majority of Canadians, 80% or more, would be strongly against it. 

This is a useless battle that only dilutes the energy progressives need if we are to make any advances on the issues where we have a chance of winning. 




We'll see.


NORAD Modernization to Dominate Agenda of Canada-US Defence Relations: Experts

"The modernization of the North Atlantic Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) will dominate the agenda of Canada-US defence relations as the Biden administration gears up to repair relations with old allies and face enemy threats from resurgent Russia and ascending China, Canadian defence experts say.

The continued modernization of the binational command created in 1957 was on the agenda of the first phone call between President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last month, and during the first calls of Canadian and US defence ministers, said Andrea Charron, head of the Centre for Defence and Security Studies at the University of Manitoba.

'This is at the highest levels. When the US is concerned about the homeland defence and they feel vulnerable, it's something that Canada has to take very-very seriously and I think that's what's happening,' Charron told Eye on the Arctic. Canadian defence expert Nancy Teeple said she expects the Biden administration to ask Canada to contribute more to continental defence.

'It opens up the question of whether Canada will participate in missile defence, it's going to push Canada towards that new fighter capability.' Experts say figuring out Canada's role in this new 'ecosystem' will be tricky politically and likely to come at a steep financial cost..."

'Tricky?' Nonsense. Canada will refuse the empire nothing. Uncle Joe will get whatever he asks.