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Here is what ongoing genocide looks like. A strong woman from a long linage of indigenous leaders arrested and harassed for daring to protest against the fascist loving Freeland. Every time an indigenous person stands up the RCMP stomps on them, it is the Canadian interpretation of UNDRIP, reconciliation is a topic the Liberal's cry about regularly.


The Trudeau government’s campaign of harassment against Secwepemc land defenders who are opposing the Transmountain pipeline on their territory, has now gone national.

On Friday, the RCMP arrested Tiny House Warrior spokesperson, Kanahus Manuel, in Toronto only hours after she had appeared at a demonstration against the pipeline in front of the campaign office of Chrystia Freeland’s, Canada’s deputy prime minister. The protest was against both the pipeline and the escalating campaign of harassment of the Secwepemc people who oppose it.

Kanahus Manuel was arrested at the airport as she was returning home to her territory in British Columbia. The charge was violating bail conditions on a previous charge that Kanahus was found not guilty of months earlier.

Kanahus was taken from the airport to the Peel Regional Police Jail and released after several hours with a court date set for Nov 22, 2021. She and the supporters of the Secwepemc land defenders, who are known as the Tiny House Warriors for their village of tiny houses along the pipeline route, view the arrest as another case of harassment of Indigenous people who refuse to move from the pipeline route.

“I was protesting at the deputy prime minister office and then a couple hours later I am in handcuffed and sitting in jail at Toronto International Airport with trumped up charges. I was targeted for being Secwepemc fighting the Transmountain.

Kanahus’s arrest is viewed as an escalation of an ongoing campaign of harrassment against land defenders by the Trudeau government in Ottawa and the by Horgan government in British Columbia.

Last month, a group of distinguished Canadians, including David Suzuki, Steven Lewis and Naomi Klein, and Indigenous leaders Grand Chief Stewart Phillip and Grand Chief Ronald Derrickson, sent an open letter to Justin Trudeau and Jennifer Strachan, the Deputy Commissioner of the RCMP, to condemn the stepped incursions into the Tiny House Warriors community along the pipeline route by police and security forces and for installing 24 hour

surveillance camera overlooking their homes.

Kanahus and the Tiny House Warriors said they will do everything necessary to stop it and says, “This pipeline will not be built.”




"The best thing we can do for our Indigenous economies is rid the planet of white supremist colonial countries like canada and evil crown corps like Trans Mountain pipelines that is actively clearcutting Unceded Secwepemc Territory for a temporary tmx man camp & pipeline."


"We are having an emergency gathering at Tiny House Warriors, Sept 10-14 at our home in Blue River. Please join us in resistance against Trans Mountain pipelines and man camps. Rough camping available/Bring donation to camp/Direct Action Training/ Human Rights Panel/Salmon Feast."


Please forward and circulate. TMX ecocide-usurpation-and-genocide,  must be stopped!


Stop Ecocide. Earth!


"Before you vote, ask your candidates if they would vote in support of an international crime of ecocide. Find the email template here..."


Trans Mountain 'Investigating' Claims Consultant Has Ties to Proud Boys Terrorist Group


Trans Mountain, a Canadian government-owned pipeline and energy company, says it is investigating allegations that one of its consultants has ties to the Proud Boys, a group on a federal list of terrorist organizations.

'I'm seeing advise [sic] and cannot speak to anything at this time,' said the man in an email sent to The Narwahl on Thursday evening..."

This should have been an election issue. WTF!? is going on?  Is TMX using white supremacist foodsoldiers to terrorize the Secwepemc? (It won't work.) Why hasn't this fucking black-snake climate destroyer been shut down yet!? Where's Jagmeet? Hill & Knowlton please advise!

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'This is unceded territory! We never surrendered our land to the white people!' Go back to Europe where you belong Canada!' (and vid)


Ecocide & Genocide with Canada watching...

In John Horgan's NDP BC. The good guys right? Where's Jagmeet? Why doesn't he call for a halt to this madness?

If he was any kind of a progressive  he would get his ass up there on the side of the land-defenders!  How can he mouth platitudes about reconcilation or climate change while this atrocity is going on?

What a disgusting and shameful thing! He must oppose this awful TMX tarsands pipeline and Canadians must make him do it!

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