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Support Freedom Waves to Gaza

'Freedom Waves to Gaza' Flotilla Leaves Turkey Headed to Gaza

"On Wednesday, Nov 1, two international ships left the Turkish harbor to carry humanitarian aid through the Israeli blockade of Gaza. The event, called 'Freedom Waves for Gaza', unites 27 activists from 9 countries, including America, Canada, Denmark, Belgium, Germany and Australia, alongside Palestinians from Bethlehem and Haifa, in a broadbased international movement to break Israel's illegal and immoral suffocation of the 1.6 million inhabitants of the Gaza Strip.."

Support Freedom Waves to Gaza

"We will not let Israel control Gaza - we need Waves of Support for Gaza!"

We here on land, can play a key role to breaking the blockade. Please take these actions immediately. Contact your Member of Parliament..."



we need a wave to hit washington, they're the real reason gaza is still a prison.


Intl Aid Flotilla Continues Gaza Voyage (and vid)

Breaking: Israel Set to Intercept Gaza Aid Flotilla

"Israeli naval forces are reportedly preparing to intercept a Gaza-bound aid flotilla.."

Please take actions suggested above!


Breaking: Press is reporting "Israeli navy, warplanes attack Gaza aid ships"


Israeli Forces Board Gaza-Bound Irish-Canadian Flotilla (and vid)

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[url= activists are suffering outrages at the hands of Israeli thugs[/url]

Israel has said no one was hurt in its takeover of the Canadian-owned Tahrir and an Irish vessel Friday, but organizers for the group “Canadian Boat to Gaza” claimed otherwise.


“The latest we do know is that people are still being held and at least some were beaten when they refused to voluntarily leave the ship,” spokesman Dylan Penner said in an interview, adding that his group got the information from an official at the Canadian consulate in Tel Aviv.

Does anybody here care? I know it's hard to get excited about anything that doesn't involve putting pieces of paper into ballot boxes, but still.


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I've read that Dave Heap was tasered. It's not mentioned in the latest press release, but the do say he was beaten badly.


Palestinian Israeli Majd Kayal, delegate aboard the captured Canada Boat to Gaza and recently released from Givon Prison, confirms the IDF’s “peaceful” take-over of the Tahrir was anything but peaceful. An IDF video clearly shows the Israeli military firing a water cannon at the Tahrir on rough seas, endangering the lives of those aboard. Delegates offering non-violent resistance to the takeover of the civilian ship in international waters were threatened and then beaten by soldiers. One delegate, 45-year-old David Heap, professor at the University of Western Ontario, was particularly badly beaten. Israeli prison authorities are continuing to prevent Heap’s family from contacting him by phone.

I have little faith in Harper allowing Foreign Affairs to run any interference on behalf of Canadians held by Israeli forces. The only good thing to come of this is the incredible encouragement Palestinians feel in knowing that they are supported by many of us and that these courageous attempts to reach them will not stop.

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I recall reading that Turkey said they will provide an armed ship escort to a flotilla in the future, but that was before the earthquake and Israel sending aid to that country.