Tell Your MP: Canada Must Stop Israeli Annexations

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Tell Your MP: Canada Must Stop Israeli Annexations

Tell Your MP: Sign the Pledge to Oppose Israeli Annexations

"A growing number of Canadian civil society organizations are asking MPs to sign a pledge which calls on Canada to stand against Israel's imminent annexations. Can you please act now to help us convince your MP to sign the pledge?"


What a ghastly state of affairs that MPs must be convinced to stop supporting Apartheid Israel.


Just another day in occupied Palestine. Feel free to forward to your MP along with the request they stop supporting this on your behalf. Because they do. And it is.


Breaking: Israeli Forces Execute Another Palestinian (and vid)

"Those who tolerate apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and the regular killing of subjugated natives are monstrous. Uncivilized western regimes and politicians almost universally, encourage all the above in Palestine."


'The World Needs More Canada'

"CIJA congratulates Israeli-Canadian Michal Cotler Wunsh MK on being sworn into the 23rd Knesset June 22, 2020. Her election to the Knesset is a proud achievement, and a special moment for her parents Ariella and Irwin Cotler."


Canada Must Stop Israeli Annexation

"3000+ emails in 24 hours! Canadians want their Members of Parliament to take action to oppose Israeli annexation. It's not too late. Tell your MP to Sign the Pledge."

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