TO G20 Cop Convicted!

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TO G20 Cop Convicted!

Police Supt Mark Fenton Guilty of G20 Misconduct, Won't Be Fired or Demoted

"The senior police officer who ordered mass detentions and arrests at the G20 Summit in Toronto six years ago, has been reprimanded and will lose 30 paid days.

At the time, Fenton described the protesters as a 'marauding group of terrorists'.

Fenton's conduct was 'condoned by his superiors' who were well aware of what he was doing, Hamilton said in sentencing. In fact, Hamilton noted, he was later commended by then police chief Bill Blair..."


For those of us who were at the G20, - and those who wish they had been - there is a great little (15 minute) video / short documentary on the kettling mass arrests. I think its new ....