Trump's New Plan Could See Americans Raiding Canada's Drug Supply, Shortages Feared

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Trump's New Plan Could See Americans Raiding Canada's Drug Supply, Shortages Feared

Trump's New Plan Could See Americans Raiding Canada's Drug Supply

"The Trump administration said Wednesday it will set up a system allowing Americans to legally import bulk quantities of lower-cost prescription drugs from Canada for the first time, raising concerns about whether the move could result in drug shortages and higher prices for Canadians. More than a dozen organizations, including Diabetes Canada and the Best Medicines Coalition, say they are worried about the much larger American market depleting stocks at Canadian pharmacies and they would welcome a public statement from the Canadian government confirming that it will take action to help protect Canadian supplies.

John Adams, chair of national patient alliance The Best Medicines Coalition said he believes bulk importation could be a reality within months given political pressures and Trump's impatience. 'The government needs to pull up its socks and figure out how to protect Canadians from having our supply hoovered by Florida,' he added..."


This should help with Canada’s war on drugs then


Shortages Feared as US Looks to Canada For Cheaper Prescriptions

"The prospect of Americans raiding Canadian pharmacies for cheaper prescription drugs is raising the spectre of drug shortages."

Given the demonstrated toughness of the Trudeau government against Donald Trump and defending Canadian interests against American rapaciousness,  I'm sure they will confront this threat to the Canadian health care system and that we have nothing to fear. A firm 'NO' from the PMO will surely shortly follow...

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

[email protected]

Canada's Health Minister:

Ginette. [email protected]


Just say no. Tell them to get their own.


Canada Has 'No Reason' To Support US Plan to Import Prescription Drugs, Expert Says (Radio)

"Canada has 'no reason' to support the US government's plan to allow imports of cheaper prescription drugs from north of the border, says Andre Picard. 'It's the equivalent of Trump saying, 'We're going to build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it,' said Picard, health reporter for the Globe and Mail. 'It's exactly the same thing. It's 'We're going to have cheaper drugs and Canada's going to pay for that..."


We should say "no", except for lethal injections. We can ship those free of charge.