Video of Ilegal Search at G20 protest

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Video of Ilegal Search at G20 protest

Why let being further than 5 meters from the fence stop the cops from exercising their new powers?


This search was done at Allen Gardens Park in Toronto, much further than 5 meters from the fence line.  I actually accidentally witnessed it as I was coming out of an appointment across the street.  Because I was across the street I didn't hear the particulars of the incident until I saw the video, though.


Great video -- send that viral, any way you can.

Very early in the video, you'll hear one of the male officers say very quietly and quickly (of Allan Gardens!) "It's a government building, sir." Aha. That is the closest to confessing to the "regulatory" change or any law that they come. When the female sergeant appears, she seems to be working hard not to admit the regulation they are acting under. Either that or she's just plain ignorant.

Whoever that man is, as one of the commenters at YouTube says, I would like to shake his hand. Damn well done.

(Just don't use your arms so much when you're talking to teh cops.)


Holy fuck! words do no justice to how fucking angry this makes me.


Well done, I too would like to shake his hand, thank you for the link.

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This is what a police state looks like.


Stargazer wrote:

Holy fuck! words do no justice to how fucking angry this makes me.


It's hard, isn't it? I've watched that vid now several times to get the words right so I could blog it. My heart rate goes up ewery time. And you should hear the speeches I'm giving to the kittehs.


Im sure teh kitties agree with you, they are an independant lot


Teh kittehs are anarchists, no question, but very lazy ones. They are also secretly happy that I didn't take the train in today since GO service is now shut down and I wouldn't be coming home tonight to feed them supper -- first things first, y'know. But they won't admit that openly.


yes, watching that made me angry too.  the cops illegally detained him simply for being in public, subjected him to an illegal search and stole his personal property because he was going to (i assume?) join a peaceful protest, he might as well have been walking home from work.

he was right on all accounts and that's why the police couldn't answer any of his questions, there was no answer except : "yes we are breaking the law but were cops, so we can do that if we so choose"