When to fold 'em?

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When to fold 'em?



So, this doesn't exactly fall under the headline of a "success story", but...

For the last year, I have been trying to build a student group which can function as a network, outreach, education and structure for activism for students of the radical left persuasion on campus. So far, it hasn't been too successful. But the most frustrating thing was when I planned an event a few weeks ago, the first event of the new year (discussion group on Elections and the Left) and no one showed up. Also, I feel like I am almost the only person who ever gets anything done (which I realize is a huge problem by itself).

I'm wondering... have you ever faced a decision where a group was just not working out and whether you should just give up on that issue/group or continue to salvage it?


Thats a tough decision to make. On one hand, how will it be perceived b others if you abandon the project - will they take you seriously next time?

Have you given it enough time? Perhaps these things slowly snowball, and you need to stick with it & be patient?

Ask yourself - is this effective? Is this the best manner to acheive the goal you are ultimately trying to acheive?

A way of reducing the workload on yourself might be to only organize a meeting after a few people have signed up. So in the short-term try posting posters with a web addy or email on it, some folks just won't come out to a 'function' but will slowly work up to it after a dialogue.

Best wishes. If I was there, I'd attend. [img]smile.gif" border="0[/img]