Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

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Zeitgeist: Moving Forward


I recently watched a video titled "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward", which was produced by Peter Joseph of The Zeitgeist Movement. 


The movie offers some valid arguments against the inadequacy of money-based economies to meet the needs of long-term human survival and offers what it terms a "Resource-Based Economy" as the alternative. In summary, a globally automated management of the world's resources founded on the belief that the planet can support the current human population with equitable resource allocation.


It's been panned by mainstream news outlets like Fox News as a cultist phenomenon, criticized by free-market propagandists like Alex Jones, and even dismissed as misguided by Noam Chomsky.


Does anyone have an opinion on the video and the global movement that it has given birth to? As of this post, over 7 million people have viewed the video on Youtube.