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G. Muffin
Advocacy, Effective

Babblers, I've hatched a plan I'd like to share with you. This is clipped from an email earlier this morning:

Remember when I told you there is no psych rights group that I can 100% support?

MindFreedom - meh.

Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault - meh.

Everybody else - meh.

They all do good work but they don't share the clarity of purpose that I do. So I want to put together an email group and send out some Goodbye Pie (TM) in a logical and enticing fashion.  My work is free as long as those gimp cheques keep coming.

It's open source but newcomers can only be invited by current members in good standing. Members stay in good standing by responding to one or more of the other members or otherwise doing good work.  Are you in?  There's no obligation.  If it doesn't interest you, don't respond.

It's a wiki.  A specific one, though.  I think it can't hurt and it may well help.  Many of us do our work in isolation.  United we stand,
and all that.

All babblers are hereby invited and personalized invitations will go out to anybody who has PM'd or emailed me on this subject.

Respectful and constructive criticism welcomed.

G. Muffin

This is the stupidest idea I've had this decade.  I wish I could delete my first post.


Why is it stupid?

G. Muffin

Because hope's not a plan (Oprah).

Polar fleece isn't a style (G. Muffin).

And writing screeds isn't advocacy (author unknown).

ETA:  If anybody's wondering about 22/7, it made more sense with my former moniker.


A plan starts with a goal doesn't it?

Is it only a style if it's impractical?

Does it have to be advocacy to be useful?  One would hope that access to good information would assist good advocacy.  The wiki could include info to aide in advocacy.  It can be hard to find a relevant advocacy group at times.

G. Muffin

Hmm.  Food for thought, p-sto.  Thank you.