Babble need a forum: Peace/Anti-war

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Babble need a forum: Peace/Anti-war

Babble has a forum for Feminist Activism and others but none for the anti-war activists.  The Anti-war movement in Canada is weak and divided between pro-NATO (Project Ploughshares) and anti-NATO.  R2P justifies Afghanistan and Libya to many on the Left. The Liberals got us into Afghanistan and the Conservatives Libya but both had all-party support as with Yugoslavia.

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Although I don't post much, I do read babble a lot and would appreciate an anti-war forum, too.

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Same here.

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Although it is unlikely I would contribute to such a forum, I would certainly read it. I am out of touch with the differences between the various anti-war/pro-peace groups and would very much like to get better educated on this topic so that I can get more involved in a knowledgeable way.


I've posted this to the Activism Forum (walking the talk)  There are several replies.

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Let's continue the discussion there. Closing.

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