Occupation (Political) Party Emerging Now (US)

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Jacob Richter
Occupation (Political) Party Emerging Now (US)




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The Occupation Party

The Political Elite Will Rule No More

For more info, media may contact:

Frances Arroyo

Media Coordinator

The Occupation Party


Email: [email][email protected][/email] 




News Release:


Cincinnati, OH: We are the 99%. We are your neighbors and co-workers, the people you pass in the grocery store and on the street. We are underpaid, underemployed, overworked, overtaxed, underinsured, and underappreciated. We don’t have a decent living wage; some of us don't have a wage at all. Our kids face a bleak future of large student loans and few, if any, employment prospects after college. We are frustrated by news of manufacturing jobs being shipped overseas, using our bailout money. We are angry about CEOs of big corporations receiving million-dollar bonuses and returning record corporate profits due to the influx of "bailout" money--money obtained from the hard work of average taxpayers. Many of us are upside down in our mortgages due to fraudulent business practices used by the same institutions we bailed out. Sadly, most of us are one to two paychecks away from financial ruin. 

According to a recent CNN poll, 90% of Americans say that current economic conditions remain poor, with no end in sight. What unites these Americans? It is their discontent and frustration with current government and economic processes. It is their dissatisfaction at not being heard. Many Americans believe that government and corporate America are overdue for an immediate overhaul! 

A new political party, The Occupation Party, is emerging from these frustrations. The Occupation Party believes that the needs of the average American are not being fully realized under the current political process and aims to restore the founding principles of our government. The Occupation Party believes that the only way to ensure that the American people’s voice is heard is by fully engaging in the democratic process. 

Are you one of the 99%? You are if you believe that we need transparency in government. You are if you want a better present and a better future for your kids. You are if you think that big business has been given a pass to continue with business as usual at the expense of the citizens. You are if you want a decent living wage. You are if you want corporations to equally share the tax burden. You are if you want access to the health care that the US was once world-renowned for providing. You are if you believe that Washington needs to listen to all citizens again. You are if you want a government of the People, for the People, and by the People. It’s time our voices were heard! 



About Us: What is The Occupation Party?


The Occupation Party represents the 99% of Americans who want reform that brings back honesty and transparency into our governmental and political institutions—in short, a return to government that is truly by the people, for the people and that serves the interests of the people first and foremost.


Why Do We Need A Political Party?


Some claim the will of the 99% is adequately represented by the existing political parties. But the evidence says otherwise. Both the Democratic and Republican parties are equally driven by donors’ dollars (corporate and individual), and are taking actions and supporting policies that benefit corporate and wealthy interests over those of the rest of us. Many of those actions and policies have long-term results that run counter to the best interests of the country as a whole.


That’s why a separate political party is needed to translate the energy and ideas of the Occupy Wall Street movement and the 99% into concrete, actionable solutions to fix our nation’s problems. Someone needs to act with the needs of the people in mind, not just the privileged elite that funds our elections in order to control our policies.


What Does The Occupation Party Plan to Do?


Our action plan is a work-in-progress, and we encourage members of the public to participate in our forums and discussions about the best responses to the many difficult issues our nation faces.


Currently, our plan includes actions on three fronts:


1. Spread the Word, Tell the Truth


For now, we are working to spread awareness of what’s really behind our nation’s woes. Part of the problem is that those benefiting from the status quo have invested a great deal of energy and resources into obscuring the real issues. And they make backroom deals, get under-the-table handouts, and ferociously attack anyone who questions them, loudly and repeatedly, on any grounds they can find.


Their tactics are designed to confuse. They cloud or distract from the truth and marginalize or de-legitimize anyone who dares to call them out or question their actions.


The media has its own profit motive to consider when choosing what to cover and how to cover it, and is often just as invested in the status quo for its own reasons. It is no longer the reliable, unbiased source of information it once was.


But the facts speak for themselves, and the results that the privileged elite and moneyed interests are getting from our politicians in exchange for their money are readily apparent. We just need to pull together the evidence and present it in a simple, straightforward way. Without information that directly counters the lies and exposes the tactics of the privileged elite and corporate interests, they have enjoyed years of success and have undermined the peoples’ voice in our democracy. This must change.


2. Create Consensus, Rebuild Democracy


The only way to restore the voice of the 99% is to first make connections. Whether direct or representative, democracy works only if the people participate. We’re working to set up a community in which everyone can be heard and all ideas are considered. Our nation’s problems are big, and we need help from everyone to solve them.


We encourage everyone to participate in our forums and via social media to make the process of developing our platform and positions as inclusive and consensus-based as possible. We are a diverse nation, and every viewpoint has validity, all feedback is valuable. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every policy is considered in light of its impact on the 99% before it’s implemented–our platform included.


3. Define Problems, Seek Solutions


As awareness increases and once our community and communications channels are set up, we will be working together to define the problems and seek actionable solutions. The process won’t be easy because the problems are huge and all voices need to be heard. But as long as we work together toward our common goal of government that accurately and effectively represents the people, we’ll get there, one step at a time, one issue at a time, one problem at a time, one solution at a time.


Our problems weren’t created overnight, and they won’t be fixed overnight. But they can be fixed, and they must be fixed to preserve the uniquely American dream of opportunity for all.


We Need Your Support


If you have had enough of the corruption of our government by a privileged, moneyed few, if you are tired of being angry and are ready to do something to fix things, if you want to help find solutions, and if you are ready to tackle the tough work of turning things around (even if you’re not ready), we encourage you to join us, participate in our forums, support our candidates, and donate to support our efforts.


When the people unite and participate, the elite shall rule no more

Contact Info: Frances Arroyo - [email][email protected][/email]

Tyrone Givens - [email][email protected][/email]