Sun, gun registries, clarity, colour, music and festivals in the streets, signs and chanting, bring it on.

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Sun, gun registries, clarity, colour, music and festivals in the streets, signs and chanting, bring it on.

that about sums it up






yes and no



G. Muffin

Under the categories "sun" and "clarity," could somebody explain to me what Health Savings Accounts are?  Just tell me what they are and whether they're good or bad.  Thanks. 

ETA:  And I just noticed "music" and "festivals in the streets."  Okay, I've got that one covered.  Does anybody know when Bloomsday is and why it's important to me? 

ETA:  Sparky1, what have you got against chanting?  I must, I must, I must improve my bust has served me well.

ETA:  And you don't want "it" brought on?  Why on Earth not?  How else will we know there's a revolution going on?  I say:  bring it, thanks.


Yes to music no to festivals in the streets because it keeps me up and leaves garbage behind.  Laughing


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I must, I must, I must improve my bust has served me well.


OMG, I had so forgotten about this little sexist objectifying dity from high school gym classes.


When you stated it I immediately "saw" us all lined up in a row in the gym chanting this.


Amazing to think of nowadays...

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Or does it still happen?


Going to ask my granddaughter.....


Mixed feelings about chanting, a lot of the time just seems like noise.  However, I remember when I spent a week in an ashram for vacation the morning satsang could be quite intoxicating.


Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

G. Muffin

Remind, I was born in 66.  I learned the chant in the playground in about Grade V or so.  It was never actually part of the school curriculum (but thanks for the visual).  Are you telling me this was part of Phys Ed somewhere?

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yep it was in SK in our PE classes, which were gender divided  ones.


Do not know if it was all over SK, or just our school, but given the PE teachers were university trained I suspect  it was all over SK, in the gym classes for girls, in the 60's.


chanting- spontaneous outburst of passionate chorus during street protests.  clearly articulating slogans for popular education at busy street corners and red lights. 

bring it on- more of same.

ENERGY folks, no more, no less.  and sparkyone you've insufficient responses to 9 items.


i can't quite remember the "i pledge alliegence to the flag............."


Gun registry and all gun "laws" in general have got to go.


I saw it on punky brewster, which is ironic because she later in life needed a breast reduction. My sister described the process to me and it sounds quite awful. My sis was happy to be able to excercise after her operation though. I think she said they removed 8 pounds. Its no wonder she was having back problems, she would need an eleborate structure of trusses for her super expensive bras. And frankly when they cost that much, many woman make due with undergarments that have passed their best before date.

I was never a big fan of the pots pans and whistles at the demos. Sometimes it would sound like a bad disco song, and often it was pretty lame. But we do need people to be aware and protesting even quietly is a start. Though I do question its usefulness, when you do get lots of protestors the powers that be take notice...then its time to remember affinity groups.


Now where is my non-aerosol 100% post-consumer recycled can of troll-begone?  Oh! Here it is!

Yer done Ruger.