Welcome to Babble's Toolkit discussion forum!

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Welcome to Babble's Toolkit discussion forum!

This area of the Babble forums is dedicated to discussions about the Rabble Activist Toolkit (due to be officially launched in Spring '09). The Toolkit is a collaborative online resource that rabble.ca members can create, use and modify. It has been envisioned as an ever expanding repository of guides, articles, images, media and vocabularies -- much like a wiki. You may think of it as a landing page for online resources, or perhaps a social-justice themed encyclopedia.

This forum is a place for rabble users to provide feedback, get news/information and ask questions (technical, user-experience oriented or otherwise) about the Toolkit. As we roll out the Toolkit over the coming months you can expect to see announcements posted here about its development. We also encourage those who are actively beta-testing the Toolkit pages (coming April 2009) to post here. The discussion forum could also be used for the proposal of ideas and improvements, and as a place that contributors to the Toolkit can identify topics of interest for creation.

Let's get started!


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Hi Scott

I'll be posting news here (about features and how to use them) over the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you are interested in beta-testing it, send a message to toolkitATrabbleDOTca and I will sign you up!





How could we start an ONLINE petition?   Remember a few moons ago Rick Mercer had a petition to improve Stockwell day's name? I think we can improve steve harper's name, but the logistics ....the logistics! Where does one even begin?

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Just wanted to say thanks and well done to get to Beta stage! I've written a little blog post to help raise the profile: www.heatheryoungleslie.wordpress.com/blog/


Hi There,

Once again, we'd like to call attention to rabble's Activist Toolkit.  The toolkit is getting to the end of its beta testing stage and will soon be ready for some content.  I invite all babblers to have a look around at the various activist issues that can be discussed, as well as a few additional bells and whistles you can play with.

Enjoy!  I hope to see many of you posting content soon :)