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Not so, according to the BC Liberal internal pollsters who say they forecast 48 seats for the Liberals.

Apparently the NDP campaign team fired the previous NDP pollsters and hired new ones for this campaign.

Unionist wrote:

jas wrote:

Does anyone know if it's possible to get voting results by poll?

Don't know, but it's now officially impossible to predict voting results by polls.



And who knows if that was true also.


I think Unionist was making a bit of a joke which I enjoyed. Laughing


And yes Jaz, Elections BC will eventually have the voting results by poll on their website however there is a 10 day delay for the absentee ballots to be even counted.

Ken Burch

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PD15, a trained parrot is right - some day someone should ask him what that means.

"Justin: Uh...it means a parrot that rides Via Rail?"



 Given the electoral manipulation we've seen in the last two Federal Conservative wins and given that their source of funds is largely corporate, which is largely American and Chinese and given what both of these nations have been up to elsewhere in the world. And given what was at stake for them here in British Columbia.

I think it would be naive not to suspect some Con job foul play election rigging was at work.

 Not that the greens didn't split the vote and may yet get the Liberals a seat for Saanich and the Gulf Islands and not that Dix wasn't wimpy and lacking charisma.



Darkslider wrote:

I think it would be naive not to suspect some Con job foul play election rigging was at work.

I think it's more plausible than a sudden, last-minute mass reversion to vote in 'same old, same old'. The mood and expectation everywhere I could glean, even among typically conservative constituents, was for change.

To me these results feel unnatural. We expected to usher in change, and instead we've ushered in stagnation.


Bernard von Schulman ‏@BC_Iconoclast 12h

1st day of absentee ballots counted - 42,500 ballots, NDP 43.0%, Libs 42.0%, Greens 8.9%, BCCP 4.2% Oth 2.3% #bcpoli

Saw a figure of about  180,000 absentee ballots to be counted overall. Not sure if this is the right figure or not.


in Elections BC website is doing final count right now, all of them in progress and some complete.




NDP candidate Selina Robinson wins in Coquitlam-Maillardville after final votes tallied


NDP Leader Adrian Dix and Port Coquitlam NDP MLA Mike Farnworth have each tweeted that their party's candidate has won a closely fought contest in Coquitlam-Maillardville.


is Selina Robinson related to Svend Robinson?


don't know


The poll-by-poll results from the BC election were just released.  Here is a colour-coded map of the Burnaby results.


Thanks Krago!!!! Awesome maps as usual.


Here is a site with excellent poll-by-poll results for each individual riding:  http://election-atlas.ca/bc/

And here is a map of the Surrey area.


I live in an area of Burnaby that voted 50 to 60% NDP. Around here it was hard to tell that the party was not cruising to a win. This was also one of the few seats that the NDP took from the Liberals.

My poll.

Poll #92

NDP                 Jane Shin             68   55%

LIB                  Ken Kramer          42    34%

GRN                 Darwin Burns         7      6%

IND                  Christine N. Clarke  7    6%

Rejected ballots: 0
Voter turnout: undefined