B.C. Election: Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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B.C. Election: Tuesday, May 14, 2013



So here goes the next 30 days in BC.

The election Writ will be dropped this Tuesday so we are basically off and running for the Tuesday, May 14th election.

Here is a list of the Confirmed Candidates in BC's 85 ridings in alphabetical order by riding:


And here is a graph of the Polls:


And Maps of the ridings:


There are many opportunities for voter registration:


for a Calendar of Events go to the above website and click on:

May 2013 Provincial General Election in the yellow print in the white section near the top of the page

You can register online but General Voter Registration closes Tuesday, April 23

Advance polls are being held Wed, May 8 through to Sat, May 11, 8 AM to 8 PM

On Voting Day, Tues, May 14, polls are open from 8 AM to 8 PM



Christy Clark wants us to forget about those old B.C. Liberals





As of  Wed, May 15th, until Tues, May 14 at 4 PM,  you can vote at your District Electoral Office:

Click on :http://www.elections.bc.ca/index.php/voting/

Scroll down to where it says Voting Opportunities and click on "District Electoral Offices" in yellow


For great BC election coverage go to:  www.thetyee.ca

And also: www.straight.com




  Has Adrian Dix Decided To Spike The Spin With...
...Real News Of Actual Policies?


It would appear that might be case in the run-up to Ms. Clark's big Sham-Wow! informercial tonight.

Ian Austin of The Province has the story. Here is his lede:

B.C. NDP leader Adrian Dix will ban corporate and union donations to political parties if elected.

On the eve of the kickoff of his election campaign, Dix stood with four would-be MLAs and admitted some of his union brethren may not be happy.

“This is a major reform of politics in British Columbia,” said Dix. “I think this is good for the business community and the labour movement as well. Groups will continue to support political parties but will not be involved in fundraising.”...

And here is the link to the Dippers actual statement on the matter.



Of course she is correct - now how to make sure these BC Liberals will never ever get a chance to implement it.
Government, big oil, others engaged in ‘fraud’ at consumers’ expense, B.C. economist argues



Bringing in reinforcements such as relatives of former Premiers, and ex-hockey players, before the writ has even been dropped, just shows how weak Christy Clark's leadership is, and in what low esteem she is being held by the BC voters.



The Leader's debate of the 4 leaders will take place on Monday, April 29th from 6:30 PM to 8 PM


It is strictly the comments section here that is worth a read. The article itself is absurd.

Comments (9) Add New Comment EGApr 12, 2013 at 1:09 pmYou can't take one policy measure in isolation. If the NDP cancels the wildly inefficient grants program and introduces other education support, then families may come out ahead.
The Liberal government tripled university tuition and that cost my family $25,000 in unplanned expenses. Then in 2007 they tossed some crumbs to younger families in an attempt to sway voters. 28 7 Rating: +21 cHriSTyApr 12, 2013 at 2:04 pmThe BC Liberals needed to cancel the HST IMMEDIATELY after the second referendum BC had on the issue. They didn't, instead they held on to their HST for months and months and months... 16 3 Rating: +13 sdApr 12, 2013 at 2:08 pmIt would be more efficient for the government to use the money for education than to give it to the parents to give back in the form of tuition in 12 years.

The government could even do something innovative to encourage first year BC students to go to university or training by having the first term tuition-free to qualified BC residents. The amount of money from the government would be the same, but it would be more wisely spent instead of going to administration of RESPs, plus the additional administrative costs involved in getting parents signed up for the program.

Boutique tax credits are good for feel good ads, but not much else. They reward behaviour that would have occurred anyway. 23 3 Rating: +20 DavidHApr 12, 2013 at 2:09 pmMark my words ... Martyn Brown has embarked on a political campaign that he will one day use to enter the well-paid Legislature. That place where people can earn significant pension benefits.

The fact that he can use a phrase like "social contract", and defend it, is proof enough. He would have gagged on those words a few years ago. 17 6 Rating: +11 RyanApr 12, 2013 at 5:07 pmWhat a silly argument. You can say this every time a government changes a program of a past government. So no government now can make any changes to any program because it'll be "breaking" a contract?

And although this wouldn't make his argument any less silly, the program itself is silly. Lower tuition for all. Why shouldn't an older worker enjoy a lower tuition if they want to upgrade their stills or change jobs? But keeping tuition high, you lock people into their jobs. I would rather see tuition lower for all, instead of this break for people with kids. 15 2 Rating: +13 SusanApr 12, 2013 at 10:44 pmCome on Martyn! You are beyond transparent. Nothing compares to the Campbell government "shredding" those public sector agreements. Thousands of people (a majority of them women) lost their jobs, could no longer contribute to the economy and now many live in poverty. Their jobs were outsourced to corporations to whom the bottom line is profit. They hired people, untrained at minimum wage who often had to work 3 jobs to pay their rent. The only thing that flourished as a result of this were the germs in hospitals - they fared much better than any tax-paying citizens that I know of.
That measly little token provided to a few of our children isn't going to ensure anybody an education - it is just a carrot and really, given the tuition fees that result in most kids coming out with a degree and $40,000 in debt, it is a joke! My hope is that Adrian Dix has learned his lesson and that his government is in turn able to expose the corruption of the Campbell government as he was (for a relatively minor offence similar to possibly spending the "Training and Education" funds more responsibly) because like the shredding of the public-sector contracts, the Basi-Virk case, the selling of BC Rail and the Sun River monstrosity are criminal acts! 12 3 Rating: +9 doubletalkApr 13, 2013 at 3:26 pm I wouldn't expect Adrian Dix to honor any contract. This is a person who didn't honor his position in government when he forged a government document during a police investigation. Since he was resigning in disgrace I guess he felt he was "entitled" to $70,000 in severance pay also. Really Adrian, did you really deserve the severance pay? That's more than most people who don't forge documents make in a year or two. Certainly no friend of the working class. 1 6 Rating: -5 won't get fooled againApr 13, 2013 at 5:12 pmBrown attempts to re-invent himself after long-service for a government that re-invented tearing the social (and other) contracts. Why does this guy get anyone's time? SPY vs SPYApr 14, 2013 at 11:19 amI would estimate that about 50% to 70% of BC households cannot afford to put this kind of money aside.

This looks like a great deal, except only the 30% of BC Citizens (the Richest) can afford this program, 30% of BC Citizens (the Richest) do not need more tax breaks.

This is just a subsidy for The Rich




Reality Check for Christy.

Trend of shrinking government started by Provincial NDP




Labour council votes to fund pre-campaign work for NDP candidate





NR your one stop shop for news on the BC election :D

Seriously while I like Christy on a personal level I'm looking forward to an NDP government in BC.


Christy Clark And BC Liberals So Down In The Dumps That They Are Staring At Disaster On May 14

Just 1 In 4 B.C. Adults Trusts BC Liberals’ Budget: Poll




Winds of change blowing hard as B.C. goes to the polls



Reality Check:

NDP refutes the bullshit in Christy's Informercial last nite

NDP document refutes Christy Clark’s claims in TV address



Christy Clark And The Scary Horse Infomercial

Well, wasn`t that an interesting infomercial, only now do I realize how lucky my family was to have survived the decade of the 90`s, the horror, no electricity, 3600 consecutive days(and nights) of rain, so gloomy it was it didn`t even snow on the ski slopes, no jobs, 800% rate of taxation, the only employment that existed was 1 million workers toiling on fast ferries..The horror...Indeed..

All kidding aside, this Sunday evening blockbuster was rather lacking in, well, in every department, I definitely needed more twizzlers and popcorn..

Just a few points I would like to make...Comparing Christy Clark to W.A.C. Bennett, really, Winston Churchill would have been a better comparison, Winston Churchill fought the Evil Aldoph Hitler and Totalitarianism while Christy Clark is fighting off Adrian Dix and his pot smoking welfare collecting green tea drinking tree hugging hordes of teachers, students and wannabe hippies.....Then there was...

At least a half a dozen references to how hard it was to balance the budget, that was indeed a special statement, designed perhaps to convince the 88% of BCers who don`t believe the BC Liberal 2013 budget is balanced when you have to sell a $ billion dollars worth of assets and estimate the rate of growth of future spending to a paltry 0.8%  ..When you averaged a 3% growth rate of spending over the last decade, ....I might be wrong, don`t think it`s wise to tell 88% of voters they are too stupid to understand the vagaries of temporal logic super computed subtle nuanced budgets, ...In other words, we dumb-ass Socialists don`t comprehend what "Selling Surplus" stuff Means...It means a balanced budget you dummies!...Me, I is a going to the "surplus asset" shop to buy me some surpluses..Rumour has it there`s some deals to be had...I`m sure most of you didn`t know but secretly, I collect surpluses..

I guess those silly goose BC Liberals missed this poll.. 

Most British Columbians don’t believe the provincial government’s claim that the budget will be balanced in 2013, according to an Ipsos Reid poll.
 Twelve per cent of those polled said they believed the budget would be balanced, while 72 per cent said they didn’t believe the B.C. Liberal government’s balanced budget promise.



Yes, I`m having a little bit of fun with this, what else to say, Christy Clark lied, it is true that once(1 time) in the 90`s British Columbia received an equalization payment from Ottawa(That`s what the BC Liberals mean when they say we were a have not province in the 90`s), it`s also true that British Columbia received equalization payments from Ottawa 5 times under the BC Liberals in the last decade, 5 times a have not province under the BC Liberals...Christy Clark is a liar, BC Liberals are liars...The media let them get away with that lie for far too long..

I was expecting more, the entire infomercial was another rehash of the CC4BC ads against the NDP..Adrian Dix bad, decade of the 90`s were dark and disturbed, Christy Clark and BC Liberals good, ho hum, yawn, snooze..Where was I..

A single mother(celibate?)..Yea, there was a camera shot of Hamish..a few scenes with some old grey-haired Socreds, (They all had deep-black hair in the 90`s, stress you know)...

And Christy Clark said something that I found very insulting, about her dad leaving no mortgage on their family house and pre-paying his funeral..Christy proclaimed, "That`s what parents do"...They don`t leave debt, yet I know dozens of seniors who are house rich and cash poor, they have borrowed against equity to pay the light bill, the fuel bill, the grocery bill, there are 100,000`s of BC seniors who have borrowed on equity to fund their last years, pensions haven`t kept pace, Canada pension doesn`t afford rent in cockroach motel..I found that comparison to be completely out of touch, more BC Liberal arrogance..

Considering there are so many cash poor BCers in 2010 the BC Liberal Government lowered the age of requirement to allow more people to defer their property taxes...Oh the humanity, all those irresponsible seniors, and fathers and mothers who are NOT paying their bill...


Of course Chrity`s infomercial wouldn`t be complete without tall tales of unicorns and shiny ponies for everybody through a once in a lifetime LNG prosperity superfund..

The debt will be eliminated by 2028 according to Christy Clark...In 15 years, yet we haven`t got even one LNG plant built yet and according to an expert on Bill Good`s last week..."There might 2 LNG plants by 2020"...




Christy Clark Infomercial Makes Claims that Don’t Match BC Liberal Record

Tonight’s Christy Clark infomercial is another example of BC Liberal rhetoric that doesn’t match reality, and it provides yet more proof they’re out of touch, out of ideas and need to spend time out of government.

CHRISTY CLARK CLAIM: “On the big things that matter, we’ve gotten those right – creating jobs across the province.”
FACT: Since Christy Clark launched her Jobs Plan in September 2011, BC has had the second-slowest rate of overall job growth in the country, and BC has lost 34,800 private sector jobs. At the same time, BC has ranked first in child poverty for eight of the last nine years. Income inequality is the highest in Canada. Skills training has been cut by $46 million. And our kids are in crowded classrooms with the worst student to teacher ratio in Canada.

CHRISTY CLARK CLAIM: “Do we want to take away those choices by saddling [our children] with debt? That's why we want to balance our budget, because we don't want to saddle our children with debt.”
FACT: The BC Liberals have added $27 billion to BC’s debt. Eight of their 13 budgets have been deficits, including their last five budgets. The 2013 budget is hiding a $790 million real Liberal deficit.

CHRISTY CLARK CLAIM: “Under the NDP, we became a have-not province for the first time in our history. In 2001, we turned the page.”
FACT: Since 2001, BC has been a have-not province five times under the BC Liberals.

MIKE DE JONG CLAIM: “We saw people fleeing British Columbia [under the NDP].”
FACT: According to BC Statistics, net interprovincial migration was faster under the BC NDP with 130,000 Canadians moving to BC during the 1991-2001, compared to just 54,000 since the BC Liberals came to office in 2001.

CHRISTY CLARK CLAIM: “Forestry is doing better than ever.”
FACT: Under the BC Liberals, the forestry sector in this province has been decimated. Since 2001 over 70 forestry operations have been shuttered and BC has lost over 30,000 jobs in logging and wood and paper manufacturing. Meanwhile B.C.’s timber supply is falling while the Liberals continue to allow nearly unrestricted raw log exports.

CHRISTY CLARK CLAIM: “I’m going to look out for our coast”
FACT: The BC Liberals handed decision-making power over the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal to Ottawa in the 2010 Equivalency Agreement. Under Christy Clark, the BC Liberals have stood by this decision, and have refused to submit evidence to the federal review panel including their own assessment of the proposal.

In tonight’s infomercial, the BC Liberals are once again making claims that don’t match their record. One more reason why more and more British Columbians are looking for change for the better.




CUPE questions source of school funding for annual facilities grant




Clark’s Pitch Ignores Reality April 14th, 2013 · 11 Comments

For a while, I was wondering whether Christy Clark and her supporters realized THEY were in government, not opposition!

They all spent MUCH of the Liberals’ half-hour paid advertisement on Global TV Sunday night WARNING against the evils of deficits and debt: BC NEEDS a balanced budget “for our kids”; BC should NOT leave those same kids with DEBT.

“If we have a government that is changing or increasing the debt load, I would definitely be worried about the next generation,” proffered one of those hand-picked Liberal “concerned citizens” in the Liberals’ $100,000 production “Strong Economy, Secure Tomorrow”.

Right on!

“If it was not OK for our parents to leave us with debt, why is it okay to leave our kids with debt?,” Clark wondered.

Right on, again!

But wait a minute….. it’s CLARK and her own LIBERAL GOVERNMENT that have been boosting BC’s deficit and debt into the stratosphere over the past two years!!!

Has she forgotten SHE, not Dix,  has been the un-elected, acting premier? Are the Liberals pretending THEY haven’t been in power … hoping stupefied voters can be duped into thinking it’s the evil NDP that have been raising our debt and failing to balance the budget over the past few years?

Well, let’s keep it real …using the BC government’s own figures.

Auditor General John Doyle personally reported BC’s DEFICIT in 2011-12 was $2.36 BILLION!

BC’s DEBT in 2010-11 ROSE 16% to $47.8 BILLION,  in 2012-13 to $56.1 BILLION and is projected, in the Liberals’ OWN recent budget to grow to $62.6 BILLION in 2013-14, up to $66.5 BILLION in 2014-15 and $69.4 BILLION in 2015-16.

Explain that to the kids, Christy!




  She Who Spent Buckets Of Public Money Attempting To Ban Childrens' Books Warns That...
...Banning Union And Corporate Political Donations Could Result In Public Money Being Spent On Crazy Stuff Like Democracy.

BC Liberal Minister for 'Healthy Living and Sport' (yes, that really is a New Christy's Minstrels Ministry apparently), Ms. Mary Polak, responds to Dipper leader Adrian Dix' announcement that, if elected, his government will enact legislation to end corporate AND union donations to political parties:

...The Liberals are the only major player left in B.C. politics that objects to an outright ban of corporate and union donations, a stance Polak attributes to its "straightforward" attitude.

"We're not trying to choose issues that pander to one part of the voting base," she said in a telephone interview.

"The reality is, in jurisdictions where you ban union and corporate donations, what you end up with is taxpayers funding political parties," Polak said. "That's what we've seen federally, and it's what you see commonly in jurisdictions where they make these bans."

She pointed to a system introduced by former-Prime Minister Jean Chrétien in 1993 that saw per-vote subsidies given to parties in lieu of corporate and union donations as proof taxpayers would eventually hold the tab.

Without corporate and union donations, Polak said parties will eventually look elsewhere when individual donations don't come through, adding individual donations don't work because political parties aren't often at the top of people's financial giving lists in difficult economic times...


Individual donations don't work?


Dix Wise to Decline Debate Duel with Clark

Savvy tactics dictate avoiding the 'gotcha' trap set by one-on-one format.




VIDEO: 'Strong Economy, Secure Tomorrow': The Christy Clark TV special recap



Model predicts solid NDP majority, Conservative rise

ith the official election campaign set to begin, the New Democratic Party is poised to win around 60 of the 85 seats in the British Columbia legislature and the Conservatives may make a major breakthrough, according to an online prediction tool.

The government relations and communications firmHill+Knowlton Strategies designed its tool to track how changes to the popular vote would shift the result in each constituency compared to the 2009 general election or more recent byelections.

Using the results of an Angus Reid poll released March 21, the model predicts 60 NDP seats, 13 Liberal, 10 Conservative, two independent and no Green.

Applying the tool to the results of an Ipsos poll released March 15 predicts an outcome of 61 NDP, 18 Liberal and six Conservatives, with no independent or Green MLAs.

Polls from Ekos and Mustel Group in February and January respectively suggest the NDP would win 52 seats. Both show big gains for the Conservatives, though they'd still trail the Liberals, while just the Ekos poll suggests a Green candidate will win.

The forecasts of an NDP majority government are in line with what other election prediction sites are anticipating. As of March 31, Éric Grenier'sThreeHundredEight.com had the NDP at 63 seats, the Liberals at 21 and one independent getting elected.

And on April 15, the UBC prediction market, which allows people to essentially bet their money on the election outcome through a futures market, foresaw an 54 NDP MLAs, 22 Liberals, five Conservatives, two Greens and two independents.




Campaign Day Minus 1: Luckily For Christy Clark....
...Nobody Reads Vaughn Palmer Anymore.




Strong Economy, Secure Tomorrow – Yes, It’s As Trite As It Sounds

The BC Liberals released their much-hyped, $100,000 video on the weekend. In case you missed it for whatever reason (maybe, like Adrian Dix, you had laundry piling up, or like Shane Woodford and many BC’ers, don’t have cable), it’s available on YouTube and you can watch all riveting 30 minutes of it online, from the comfort of your own home, from work, from Starbucks, wherever! Technology really is incredible.

The political-infomercial (polinfomercial, if you will), is replete with everything you’d hope from a thrown-together thirty-minute montage of Premier Christy Clark demonstrating how serious she is as premier, but also what a great mom and human being she is.

It’s really as cringe-inducing as you’d imagine. I mean, if you thought Gordon Campbell wearing a plaid shirt and plucking a guitar or Carole James riding a horse was bad, you really need to see this video to believe it. Here are some highlights, in no particular order:




So the writ has dropped, and they are off and running, and I like the first riding that NDP Leader Adrian Dix has chosen to campaign in. It is Vancouver-Point Grey, Premier Christy Clark's own riding, where she narrowly defeated David Eby, the current and previous NDP candidate, in the 2011 by-election.

As the BC election starts, the numbers look grim for Clark's Liberals







Here we go again.

Libs demand NDP candidate resign over online remarks



  Campaign Countdown To Time Zero...Ms. Clark's Fictional Narrative. SometimesTruthIsStrangerThan

kropotkin1951 kropotkin1951's picture

She has resigned her candidacy.  It sure didn't take long for Dix to move to crush this story.  What I can't figure out is why the central office vetting of her did not find this on line comment since the Liberal war room had it waiting in their back pocket as a great way to open up the campaign. She posted using her own name and it should have been found with a thorough search.  Its not like the party has not been burned before by candidates not being totally forthcoming about their on line postings.




Says someone who is supporting the Greens. 






Campaign Kick-Off...Do The Latest Numbers From Angus Reid Actually Suggest That A Total Eclipse...
...Of The Golden Era's Already Setting Sun Is Coming on May 15th?

What am I babbling on about this time, you may be asking.

After all, the Dippers are down 3% overall from last month.

And the BC Liberals are holding despite the corrosive democracy destroying scandals, the bogus Bollywood thingy, and the latest demonstrations that their jobs plan and their fiscal plan are both complete fictions.


Nevermind all that for the moment and instead just take a guess which demo the fiction writer-in-chief and her BC Liberal Party friends and political uncles still have all locked up...



You know the answer already, right?

And while that august group may have lots of the moola it doesn't have a whole lot of the votes.

And besides, their man Jim Shepard has already pulled up stakes and left the scene of the smear for the duration...


The slight sways in the overalls and leader likeages, etc., probably do mean something.

But the fact that the Dippers are leading solidly in every single region of the province and in every  significant demo except one, this despite the fact that their leader is barely sniffing 30% on the 'Who's The Best Premier?' board, sure smells like a eclipsicatory wipeout to me.

Now, while I haven't been able to find the data for 2001, I'm pretty sure it's out there somewhere (NVG?)...And I can tell you right now, I would take pretty short odds on the ticket that says  that those 2001 polls looked very similar, but in Gordo's favour, at the start of that campaign except , of course, for one thing.

Which is that the individual income demo that likely gave the Ujji and the Dippers a little love back in the day was probably at the other end of the spectrum.


Adrian Dix And Christy Clark, A Contrast In Leadership



Why Isn't Christy Clark More Popular?

She's gone from charismatic to crashing ratings. What happened?

"For every person who says they dislike her because she's too casual, there is another person who dislikes her because she is too formal." -- Angus Reid pollster Mario Cansecoon Christy Clark

How do we dislike B.C. Premier Christy Clark? Let me count the ways.

Because with a 65 per cent personal disapproval rating in a poll last month, a 20 per cent gap behind the front running New Democrats and only 16 per cent saying she would make the best premier after two years on the job, Clark is obviously not Miss Congeniality to British Columbians.

Some media pundits have professed it to be a mystery why Clark has gone from the BC Liberals' charismatic champion to a lackluster leader but there's a room full of obvious clues, some that we saw on her half-hour Sunday TV infomercial.

Clark has proven to be a political chameleon who will say and do anything to get votes, with breathtaking arrogance.

Like telling an audience celebrating Philippine Independence Day last year that: "In my heart, I am Filipina." Really?

Or on TV Sunday claiming that since her father left their family debt free, how could she leave B.C. with a debt? And the word "debt" kept getting repeated through the show.

Yet the BC Liberals are on their way to doubling the provincial debt since 2001, from $33.8 billion to $66.3 billion in 2015! But who cares about facts?

Then there's Clark's short shift for TV cameras as a diner "server", her Vancouver Canucks jersey girl pose [jinxing our Stanley Cup run?], setting up Alberta Premier Alison Redford as the "bad girl" on the Enbridge Pipeline proposal and Clark attacking the "sick culture in Victoria" -- despite previously saying she loved the B.C. Legislature.

Or how about Clark, a perpetual federal Liberal Party member who worked in Ottawa for them, cozying up to Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper -- even hiring several of his hard right ex-staff to make her look less Liberal.

Or becoming pals with former Reform Party leader Preston Manning, even attending his "conservative family reunion", a gathering of the kind of people Clark used to denounce as dinosaurs on her former CKNW radio talk show.

'She's willing to say anything': former radio colleague

Instead, Clark now denounces CKNW itself, criticizing several on-air hosts last year at a BC Liberal fundraiser for apparently not giving her an easier ride.

CKNW host Gord MacDonald wasn't going to take it anymore and he let Clark have it:

"We thought she was bright... she sounded articulate... and we all understood when she went left radio to seek the premier's job after Gordon Campbell resigned. Boy, were we wrong. Now, she insults the CKNW listener. Nobody listens to CKNW any more, right?" MacDonald broadcast on air last July.

"Yet again, Christy Clark showed on Saturday she's willing to say anything to anybody to get their vote. But speaking as one who clearly misjudged her talents as a politician, a word of warning. When times get tough, some people stay true to their word. Others, like Christy, don't," MacDonald concluded.





I find this poll from ipsos reid a bit of a stretch but whatever:

NDP - 48%

Libs - 29%

Cons - 11%

Grns - 9%

If this polling is accurate on election day the libs will get maybe 5 to 10 seats


NorthReport wrote:
I find this poll from ipsos reid a bit of a stretch but whatever: NDP - 48% Libs - 29% Cons - 11% Grns - 9% If this polling is accurate on election day the libs will get maybe 5 to 10 seats

Seems consistent with other polls in the last few months. I don't know if we'll actually pull 48% but it would be nice if the popular vote in this election is also their highest ever percentage in history. I'd prefer their majority to be won with more votes than the NDP got in their 2009 loss.


Look at the manipulative headlines in the ridiculous mainstream press, particularly in the Globe, the CBC, and the Vancouver Sun, over the past 24 hours, as the most recent polls all show a devastating loss  for the Liberals on the horizen. The absurd msp are all suggesting that it is a tight race and anything can happen. The mainstream press is constantly on a mission to squelch the NDP across the country.




I wouldn't say it's a tight race, but I think "anything can happen" is accurate. The unpredictability is largely in how many seats will go to the Official Opposition (and, indeed, whether the Liberals will even be the ones to form that), and in which of the usually-considered-unlikely seats the NDP does or doesn't get.


I can't wait for Mustel's next poll to show how well the Liberals are doing!  Laughing

NDP would freeze ferry rates; create student grant program



Which Came First...The Tweet Or The Column?



Can BC Afford More Deficits?

Yes, easily. And given previous tax cuts, there’s really no choice.






The Liberal Love Birds Who Crashed

Gordon Wilson and Judi Tyabji left their spouses, then their party. Latest in our BC scandals series.

Overnight, the near-moribund BC Liberal party he led went from also-ran to contender, as the party won 17 seats in the 1991 provincial election, leapfrogging over Social Credit to become official Opposition.

Wilson and the Liberals seemed poised to make a run for government in the next election, but the party soon became embroiled in a tawdry drama of domestic betrayal and political shenanigans.

A leak indicated dissension in the Liberal caucus. Rumours circulated of an untoward relationship between the leader and Judi Tyabji, whom he had named House leader. Both were married to others and both denied any illicit behaviour.

Then freelance reporter John Pifer got his hands on a steamy, four-page love letter in Tyabji's handwriting. In it, she expressed her love for Wilson, saying he was "part of my soul" and noted "the greatest magnet is our identical brains."

Wilson was livid the personal correspondence became public, alleging the letter had been pilfered from his briefcase.

Newspapers across the country printed details about the "Liberal love birds."

At about the same time, Wilson's wife was quoted as saying she knew nothing about an affair and was "still doing his laundry."

In time, Wilson and Tyabji divorced their spouses and got married. But the damage to the party was such that Wilson was forced to call a leadership convention. In what turned out to be a hostile takeover, former Vancouver mayor Gordon Campbell and elements of the defeated Social Credit establishment handily won the leadership contest.

Wilson and Tyabji left to form their own party. The couple were mainstays of the new Progressive Democratic Alliance. (Wags quickly said the party's PDA acronym stood for Publicly Disgraced Adulterers.) The party eventually faded from the political landscape.

In the end, love endured. Wilson and Tyabji remain a couple.  [Tyee]



theleftyinvestor wrote:

NorthReport wrote:
I find this poll from ipsos reid a bit of a stretch but whatever: NDP - 48% Libs - 29% Cons - 11% Grns - 9% If this polling is accurate on election day the libs will get maybe 5 to 10 seats

Seems consistent with other polls in the last few months. I don't know if we'll actually pull 48% but it would be nice if the popular vote in this election is also their highest ever percentage in history. I'd prefer their majority to be won with more votes than the NDP got in their 2009 loss.

With any justice, it will be with a higher percentage than the 1979 loss and a so-cred style wipeout of the Liberals.


Dayleen Van Ryswyk is running again this time as an Independent. Says her ancestors are French, and she has a half-brother who is First Nations.

Or something to that effect.

She also said she has been taken out of context and is not prejudiced against French nor first Nations.

So there.


Mason is just typical of the right-wing nonsense that is regularly spewed out from the Globe and Mail, CBC, Vancouver Sun, etc. Don't despair for him, he serves his corporate masters well, and I'm sure is well rewarded for his silliness. The only thing that is uncertain is whether or not the Lierals get 5 seatsd or 10 seats in the May 14th election. 

The unpredictable election  Laughing