B.C. Election: Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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Actually the best thing to do with the MSM is to ignore them.  Just say no and stop reading the shit they produce. It is generally inaccurate as well as biased so why bother? Cancel the cable and stop reading anything Pacific Press produces.  Instead of reacting to their right wing take on the world talk to people about what is really happening.  The Tyee is quite good and so is the Georgia Straight on many issues and of course Rabble both publishes and republishes lots of good content. 


NorthReport wrote:

I'm playing the devil's advocate a bit here, but where are the jobs going to come from?

But the moment any political party loses sight of that, they are toast.

Yes, you are right:  the cry of jobs, jobs, jobs sells votes.  I wish this wasn't such a popularity contest.  I wish that the NDP didn't need to pay to win the election: ie. the party with the most money and the full backing of the main stream media, but even then I think the BC Liberals will lose.

Anyways, those so-called "jobs" are mostly temporary as in the LNG bubble is already dead, seasonal as in the "contractors" on these jobs only work part of the year in Northern BC, and dangerous as in you can't smell the sour gas coming.  I think we need to put the so-called "jobs" under a microscope.  The jobs are being created under what are effectively Ponzi schemes of the past decade, and at the expense of the environment and in this case the taxpayer.

The Green platform calls for investment in "green" jobs.  However, I suspect that the Green party is not the best party when it comes to backing workers in the province.  I wish the NDP would invest in "green" jobs.  However, the NDP is not the best party when it comes to backing the environment.

Here are a few ideas to add more jobs, jobs, jobs ...

  • first off, stop exporting raw resources and jobs
  • invest more in energy efficiency in the trades, building, housing, and other much needed infrastructure in BC.
  • invest in energy technologies, storage (hydro!), distribution, solar, wind in cooperation with BC Hydro and the public.
  • invest more in a BC grown electric car industry.  Not necessarily a full blown plant, but maybe help the existing retrofitters and delivery vehicle upgraders.
  • invest more in BC technology companies (which the BC Liberals have said they will do) the NDP and Greens can do the same thing.  Create a publicy owned utility for internet!  Fiber to the home using the hydro grid.
  • invest in BC credit unions, and create a publicly owned British Columbia bank to totally eliminate interest payments to Moody's and other external failing private bank entities.




More yellow journalism from the Vancouver Sun.

NDP memebers get requests almost every day now from the NDP for more donations, and they have learned how to say no or they would be broke. These poor helpless corporations don't know how to say no. Ha, don't make me laugh. The NDP has done nothing wrong and should just say so, and laugh it off. All these corporations were publicized for all to see by elections bc.   Who are these unable to defend themselves corporations anyways. If you paid attention to to Liberal dribble, corporations are what makes the world go around and they are all-powerful. Poor helpless corporations indeed. Laughing

B.C. Liberals label NDP fundraising letters a 'low-down shakedown'

'B.C. Finance Minister Mike de Jong (above) has called on NDP Leader Adrian Dix to fire NDP provincial secretary Jan O'Brien over fundraising letters sent to people who have supported the provincial Liberals, but not the NDP, in the past.T

The B.C. Liberals demanded the NDP fire its provincial secretary over letters the Liberals say amount to a "shakedown" of Liberal party supporters. 





Forget issues, it's about trust or change







Read more: http://www.thenownews.com/technology/Trouble+ahead/8220951/story.html#ixzz2R7XnB7pj






Christy's hired goons are shooting blanks.........

Now Bill Bennett is accusing Jagrup Brar of being a "commie" because he visited Cuba  Laughing 




Christy who? Liberal hopefuls are downplaying the brand, leader in their campaigns



NDP - 65 seats

Libs - 19 seats

Ind - 1 seat




NDP's Adrian Dix promises to put money where our mouths are with $24M boost to local agriculture industry 

 NDP's Adrian Dix promises to put money where our mouths are with $24M boost to local agriculture industry British Columbia NDP Leader Adrian Dix tosses an apple in the air during a campaign stop at Sidhu Orchards in Lake Country, B.C., on Sunday April 21, 2013. British Columbians go to the polls for a provincial election May 14. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck

LAKE COUNTRY, B.C. — NDP Leader Adrian Dix stood in an apple orchard in the Okanagan riding of Liberal Agriculture Minister Norm Letnick today to announce a $24 million plan for the province's agriculture industry.

Orchardists from the Okanagan handed out slices of locally grown Ambrosia apples to the gathering.

Dix says the three-year program will add $8-million annually to British Columbia's agriculture budget to help grow, feed and buy B.C. products.

Dix says Feed BC involves increasing the amount of locally grown foods served at B.C. hospitals, while Grow BC helps orchardists replant their orchards.

He says Buy BC expands a B.C. fruit and food marketing program eliminated by the Liberals in 2001.

B.C. Fruit Growers' Association President Jeet Dukhia says Dix's plans are a step forward for orchardists, especially the support for replanting and renewing orchards.







I think it is federal jurisdiction but whatever..........

What do folks think about that fella in the North that is contributing $1,000,000 towards legalization?

It’s Adrian Dix’s destiny to legalize marijuana  Laughing




Here's what I'm taking about jftb, concerning the Liberal bias in the press. The moment i saw the link to this article on the CBC website, prior to going on their website, I knew it was basically going to be a Liberal ad. Take a look at the pic.  Laughing 

12-year-old campaign volunteer bucks political apathy trend

Elections BC says less than a third of 18 to 34 year olds eligible to vote did so in the 2009 election




This kind of don't give up hope yet Liberals is understandable coming from the corporate press that is, who so desperately want the Liberals to win. 


Punchless Liberals still waiting for their big shot









That's quite a lot of orange on the map



The liberals have come up with a good idea. it's deceitful as they have been running deficts and selling off our assets to try and reduce the serious debt they have created but they are masters at smoke and mirrors and have nothing on Houdini. The Liberals have erected an ndp debt meter board and are increasing it every time adrian opens his mouth of course it is now all over the liberal-supporting press


See 'Whipped,' Sean Holman's Expose on Slavish Politicians

Premiering doc includes BC MLAs regretting lockstep party obedience.






The Government of BC has been on a borrowing and spending spree for about eight years.

A lot of this is being done using the “Public-Private Partnership” model (P3) of which the former Premier Campbell was exceedingly fond. In fact, he was such a leading proponent in Canada that the commercial interests behind the use of the P3 approach made him their honourary chairman.





BC Election 2013: BC Conservatives tell the real truth





B.C. New Democrats vow to scrap Pacific Carbon Trust




NDP rolls out environmental promises on Earth Day




BC Liberal Election Campaign Revealed...A Gimmick A Day Keeps Reality Away.


In week one of the election campaign the Dippers said the following about BC Ferries:

ESQUIMALT – A BC NDP government will freeze fares on BC Ferries while an audit is carried out to look for savings at the BC Ferries Corporation, Maurine Karagianis, the NDP candidate in Esquimalt-Royal Roads, announced today.

The freeze means that a planned 4-per-cent ferry fare increase on April 1, 2014, will not go ahead, and that current ferry fares will remain in place until March 31, 2015.

“Our audit will focus on preparing BC Ferries to offer more reliable and affordable services,” said Karagianis, who served as the NDP’s transport critic in the last legislature.

“We want to re-establish BC Ferries as an integral part of our transportation system, and consult with British Columbians to establish a long-term vision for BC Ferries,” she said...

Never one to cede reality to anyone, BC Liberal leader Christy Clark said the following to Dirk Meissner of the Canadian Press:

..."My plan is to pay down BC Ferries debt. That is the most urgent thing we need to do."...

But how will Ms. Clark do that?


You know...

Sparkle ponies!

...The Liberal party platform, released earlier in the week, includes a plan to pay off BC Ferries' $1 billion debt, but not urgently. The Liberals would use its so-called prosperity fund, which would be supported by expected liquefied natural gas revenues, but the fund isn't expected to be up and running until 2017...



Luckily, No One Listens To CKNW Anymore.


Mr. Mason had the definitive Twittmachine statement on Ms. Christy Clark's latest appearance on CKNW this morning:


Greens applaud NDP for Kinder Morgan comments



B.C. Liberals in no position to give other parties lessons on political fundraising






This is a big one!

Dix says he doesn't see Vancouver as oil exporting port



Todd Stone and Terry Lake only have to run away from the BC liberal brand name for another three weeks




Well that didn't take long. Thank goodness says Craig Keating! Laughing



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This is great news. I love Adrian standing up for the province and the environment but the game is afoot in Canada with investor rights clauses becoming the plan B cash cow for any polluting American corporation. I wonder how much Kinder Morgan will sue the federal government for under NAFTA.


I must say, aside from the odd rogue candidate the NDP campaign has been masterfully executed up to this point. I'm sure no small part of that credit goes to Brian Topp.

Which only strengthens my conviction that Topp is exactly where he needs to be... running campaigns, churning out policy, helping *someone else* win.


kropotkin1951 wrote:

This is great news. I love Adrian standing up for the province and the environment but the game is afoot in Canada with investor rights clauses becoming the plan B cash cow for any polluting American corporation. I wonder how much Kinder Morgan will sue the federal government for under NAFTA.

They can sue the provinces directly too, IIRC.


This has to be a very serious problem for the Liberals.

B.C. Liberal candidates omit references to Christy Clark on campaign literature

There's something missing from the campaign materials of several B.C. Liberal candidates.


If you look closely, you'll notice that some of them don't include any reference to the "B.C Liberals" or "Christy Clark"

Over the weekend, the Vancouver Sun, profiled one such cabinet minister's brochure.

Read through Bill Bennett's election-campaign pamphlet and you'd be hard-pressed to know he's running for the Liberal Party or that Christy Clark is his leader.

That's because there's no Liberal name. No Liberal logo. And not one picture of a smiling Christy Clark anywhere to be seen.

Bennett says that he's proud of Christy Clark's record as premier but that there might be some "brand issues" with the Liberals.

He isn't the only one with materials sans Christy Clark; the Sun lists half a dozen.

Even the most senior cabinet minister, Finance Minister Michael de Jong, excludes references to both Clark and the Liberals on his website. In fact, de Jong has two pictures of NDP leader Adrian Dix and none of the premier.

Political analyst Alex Tsakumis says that this is rare in B.C. politics.

"I have never before seen this kind of widespread embarrassment over a leader or home political brand," he told Yahoo! Canada News.

"They obviously feel some shame as a party and as candidates — and they should. They've removed her name from everything."

Maybe it's no surprise that local candidates believe their best chance of winning is to run on their own personal records. The latest Angus Reid poll suggests that the premier has an approval rating of only 27 per cent.

Interestingly, two years ago, when Christy Clark was first selected to be B.C. premier, her party used the opportunity to re-brand. They became known as the "Christy Clark Liberals.'

Now, on their website, the party is no longer the "Christy Clark Liberals", they're "Today's Liberals."

What a difference a couple of years makes.



BC's fabulous economic future according toChristy Clark.  Oops!






BC's Liberals fabulous economic future for BC, according to current, but never elected by the citizens of BC Premier Christy Clark.  Oops!  

'Committed' investment in Black's $25 billion refinery idea evaporates  Laughing


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So are these folks the B team or what?



Historically a reliable poll:

Burger Heaven in New Westminster


Adrian - 143 or 56%

Christy - 58 or 23%

Jane - 40 or 16%

John - 13 or 5%



It sure looks like Adrian is going to win. And the NDP may win big!

Why you may ask, and the answer is not complex.

The people of BC want Premier Christy Clark and the BC Liberals gone. They have had enough of them, and that is the reason most of the BC Liberal candidates are trying to run away from being identified with either Clark or the Liberals. 

This election race is looking more and more like a blowout to me.



Today was probably the worst day of the campaign so far for Christy Clark. She doesn't seem to get it. You can fool some of the people of BC, some of the time, but you can't lie to the people of BC, all of the time.  

Christy Clark Thoroughly Embarrases Herself: Moody’s Doesn’t “Approve” So-Called Balanced Budgets!



It doesn't look good Christy, sorry but it just doesn't. You started off, way, way behind, and it seems you have gone in the wrong direction and headed deeper South, if that was even possible, and slipped further behind in the first week of the campaign. 

Best Campaign So Far

Who do you think has had the best start to the campaign so far?

36% - Adrian Dix and the NDP
25% - Christy Clark and the BC Liberals
5% - John Cummins and the BC Conservatives
3% - Jane Sterk and the Green Party
31% - Don’t know

Notes: Excluding the ‘don’t knows’, the results are

NDP 52%

BC Libs 36%

BC Cons 8%

Greens 4%.