BC LNG Project and Natural Gas Pipeline

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BC LNG Project and Natural Gas Pipeline

The BC Supreme Court has granted Coastal GasLink an injunction against a First Nation group opposed to the building of a 670 kilometres (416 miles) LNG pipeline from the Dawson Creek area to the LNG Canada facility near Kitimat, B.C.

The British Columbia Supreme Court has granted Coastal GasLink an interlocutory injunction against members of a First Nation and others who oppose the company's natural gas pipeline. The company is building a pipeline from northeastern B.C. to LNG Canada's export terminal in Kitimat on the coast.

Coastal GasLink says it has signed agreements with all 20 elected First Nations councils along the 670-kilometres route but hereditary chiefs in the Wet'suwet'en First Nation say the project has no authority without their consent.

The court had granted the company an interim injunction last December against pipeline opponents and protests erupted around the world when RCMP enforced it in January, arresting 14 people along a logging road leading to the construction site near Houston, B.C. ...

In her ruling Tuesday, Justice Marguerite Church said Coastal GasLink has the permits and authorizations for the project and has satisfied the requirements for an interlocutory injunction. She said there is evidence to indicate that the defendants have engaged in deliberate and unlawful conduct for the purpose of causing harm to the plaintiff and preventing it from constructing the pipeline. 

"There is a public interest in upholding the rule of law and restraining illegal behaviour and protecting of the right of the public, including the plaintiff, to access on Crown roads," she wrote. "The defendants may genuinely believe in their rights under indigenous law to prevent the plaintiff from entering Dark House territory, but the law does not recognize any right to blockade and obstruct the plaintiff from pursuing lawfully authorized activities." ...

In a statement, Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs representing all five clans of the First Nation said they "reject" the B.C. Supreme Court decision. The First Nation said it is disappointed that the court rendered a decision that contradicts Wet'suwet'en law. 

"Coastal GasLink has never obtained consent from the Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs to enter or work on our territories," the statement said. "Under the threat of continued police violence, the Wet'suwet'en have complied with the interim injunction order imposed throughout our territories."




"Horgan says 'rule of law applies' LNG pipeline will proceed despite protests."


No. Rule of force by an illegal occupation and big business interests.


The BC NDP seems to be using the Geoff Plant manual as a guide to indigenous rights. This is the bait and switch approach to stealing native land. The courts have been very clear that unceded title is a right of the hereditary chiefs if they can pass a very stringent test. The Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs have been recognized by the SCC however Horgan chooses to ignore that and talk about the First Nations Indian Act bands, colonial institutions that hold no authority over anything except the postage stamp reserves they have been restricted to by use of Indian agents and the NWMP.

I am so disgusted by the deliberate obfuscation.