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Dana Larsen

I'm honoured by the support I have from the members here.

If you haven't voted yet I still recommend Horgan as the best second choice.

You can vote online here: http://bcndp.isivote.com

If you don't have your PIN number yet, call BCNDP HQ at 1-888-281-8683.

If you would like to donate to my campaign and help us get through this final homestretch, go to: http://VoteDana.ca/donate Every dollar helps!

Thank you.




Thanks very much for posting your article about what actually took place.

Regardless of what happens in the next election Carole James while a good member of the NDP, needed to be replaced, sooner rather than later, as Leader of the BC NDP.    

Dana Larsen
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Voted: Larsen/Dix/Horgan/Farworth

Larsen has the best policies, though I doubt he could win the next election. I feel safe ranking Larsen first to show support for his policies because he will probably drop off the ballot first. Then my vote will transfer to Dix.

Dix has a much better chance of winning the next election than Larsen, and he is the furthest left of the three 'establishment' candidates, issues of party democracy notwithstanding.

Horgan and Farnworth don't even remotely resemble the kind of leader I would want, so I really hope it does not come down to the two of them.


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