Can BC Nationalize YVR? You know what I mean!

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Can BC Nationalize YVR? You know what I mean!

What's the history here? Weren't all the airports in Canada under federal jurisdiction at one time?

Why were these cash cows turned over to the private sector to gouge passengers and their families and friends like what has been going on at YVR for some time now? 

Is it time for BC's Transportation Minister the Honourable Claire Trevena to at least crack down on the exhorbitant profits at YVR and also to consider a provincial government takeover of the operation?  

Martin N.

A small correction: these "cash cows" were cash sinkholes under federal ownership, much like everything else government touches, until they were 'privatized'  into the bloodsucking parasites they have become. everything from parking to vendors to wiping your butt has been monetized more than the traffic will bear because its a captive market.

In your angst, please don't forget the onerous lease fees Transport Canada charges and, landing fees NavCan levees on everything they can.

Can BC take it over? Maybe but if they do, it will be an even more expensive boondoggle. when has the NDP ever taken over and lowered taxes and fees?

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BC is a provincial government. Aviation and international travel are within federal jurisdiction. Enough said.

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The airport is already owned by the federal government, and administered provincially by a not-for-profit, so it's not clear what more the government of B.C.  is supposed to do to "nationalize" it.

I think NorthReport just wants John Horgan to fly all the planes.

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