Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Vancouver Watch For New Health Canada Regulations

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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Vancouver Watch For New Health Canada Regulations

Health Canada is about to release new regulations for a new system to regulate and distribute medical marijuana to medical cannabis patients Canada wide. The current system everyone agrees is broken and needs to be changed although it is still better then have the gangs controlling the trade of marijuana. By putting the growing of marijuana in the hands of legitimate businesses the gang violence and illegal source of funds will be drastically reduced.

Current medical marijuana issues.

With the current Health Canada system medical cannabis is being grown in commercial and residential locations. Residential grow operations are not as safe to operate and regulate. In some cases neighbours have issues with this practice and with good reason. There has been fires and other safety problems no to mention security concerns. The new system apparently will no longer allow this practice and will only allow commercial operations. This only makes sense. You are not allowed to have a liquor still in your basement either, this is common sense and will go along way to change the medical marijuana is perceived by the public at large.

Another possible change is that Health Canada is suggesting that patients order their medication via the Internet. This would make no sense whatsoever and would deny the majority of patient’s access to the medication they need. Many believe ideas like this really need to addressed by the people that actually use the system and not by bureaucrats that while having good intentions do not understand that this would be a huge mistake and would not work. Dispensaries provide not only a wide range of medicinal cannabis but offer the expertise that patients need to make sure they get the correct type of medication and take it the right way for their ailment.

Hopefully once all of the proposed ideas have been vetted, Health Canada will come out with a new system that makes sense for everyone. Stay tuned as the changes are coming up shortly.