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So two Liberals Andrew Weaver and Ida Chong fighting it out to see if they can stop the NDP candidate Jessica van der Veen

G West

I'm not sure about the Green prospects...

I'm not sure about the Greens prospects in Oak Bay Gordon Head either.

We were at a Green-sponsored event at UVIc last week (Kevin Page was the guest speaker) and the organizers failed to capitalize upon the fact that more than 200 people showed up to listen to his very interesting speech - they hadn't made any effort, apparently, to see that the event was covered in the local media - not a singel mention in the Times Colonist.

Combine that with the discordant fact that Andrew Weaver actively campaigned for the BC Liberals in the last election and they have real credibility problems in addition to their organizational difficulties.




This is one of the ridings that the Greens did not submit the 2012 financial report to Elections BC on time, isn't it?


And this is the order in which they will finish on May 14th.


BC Election 2013 Hot Riding: Oak Bay-Gordon Head

'Intense' three-way race among NDP, Liberal and Green candidates too close to predict.




But the Leader supports it.

Greens dropped plan for global fundraising campaign: Weaver

The British Columbia Green Party has cancelled plans to use social media to raise money from foreign donors.

"This was an idea that was being discussed," said Andrew Weaver, the Green Party's candidate in the Victoria-area constituency of Oak Bay-Gordon Head. "The idea was put forward, the feedback was 'no, we don't think this is a good idea,' and so it didn't happen."

The Tyee reported in February that the party planned to launch a video campaign over the Internet that was designed to attract foreign funding, particularly from Green Party members in Germany and other countries.

Leader Jane Sterk defended the plan at the time, saying, "It would be great if parties were funded by people who lived within the province, but that hasn't been true for the other parties." The Green Party supports restricting donations from outside the province, but has to compete under the current rules, she said.




I noted the comment after that blog posting at the Hook. I wondered that perhaps it had to do with the lack of resources to launch a global media outreach and also the lack of potential payback or donors to justify using scarce resources and energy for little return (on investment).

The Greens have already had

The Greens have already had to make up excuses for not running a full slate: they say they're doing that on purpose but many suspect a dearth of financial contribution that indicates a general collapse of Green support as erstwhile partisans realize, after splitting the progressive vote in two federal and two provincial elections in succession, the folly of effectively handing power to decidedly un-environmental governments. The global fundraising idea would have underscored that flagging support by displaying an embarrassing dearth of support at the global support, perhaps as much as not running a full slate.


Why I am voting for New Democrat Jessica Van Der Veen in Oak Bay Gordon Head