Vancouver-Point Grey By-Election

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LOL @ Northern shoveller....did not mini-lecture you, just was politely indicating your comprehension skills  are either lacking, or your chosing to ignore cause and effect.


However, your condescending "family and friends" comment was a personal attack. At best.


And had you ever been paying attention to things you would not have tried to tell me what my words and actions are in respect to the NDP.


Moreover, I have huge, and I mean huge, respect for Eby. He would be a NDP leader I could support without compunction.

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remind wrote:

Northern Shoveller, please reread the thread as it is quite obvious from your comments that you did not read that this by-election was scheduled for when the UBC students had finished the semester.

Yup I knew that but since I believe that the election will come in late August like the Socreds used to do I found it irrelevant.  If they don't go before early September they are not going this year.   They will want to go quick before the Conservatives build especially if Dix starts getting any traction among young voters.

Remind wrote:

Nor did you include the Premier's buying of votes into your calculations, not all candidates can buy votes with tax payer's money.

Nor did you account for the nasty partisanship of the Van media for Christy Clark that came out,  on election day.

I expect the moneyed interests in this province and the MSM to come out in full force when the election is called. So it is just another thing they better learn to contend with because it was not unique to a by-election.


Considering all those things, and that it is a by-election Eby did extremely well. I would bet come general election, if not held in July or the first part of August, Eby could beat Christy.

See above for election timing.

Your presumption that I had not considered anything is condescending and rude.  But carry on attacking instead of debating.

I actually would like to see Dix win and am worried that like the last election the BC NDP will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. 


Now Christy Clark is already musing about running in a different riding in the next general election because its so obvious that Point Grey is not a safe enough seat for a party leader.She and her party are clearly freaked out by the byelection results. If she has to pressure Colin hansen to quit politics so she can move over to the 100% unloseable Quichena seat - it will be a total admission of failure - but what other choice does poor Crusty have???

Then again, if i were her i would stay in Point Grey. If she loses there, her party probably loses government and I suspect she has no interest in being opposition leader anyways.

Vansterdam Kid

I don't really see how telling someone they said they wouldn't support support the NDP in the past, therefore logically they shouldn't in the present, is particularly helpful. It's a little odd to say the least.


Lets`see when Gordon Campbell became leader of the Liberals he needed a seat in the House and Art Cowie in Quilchena stepped  aside he ran there and won  - then ran in his home riding of Point Grey in the next general election - when Jean Chretien returned to politics didn`t he run in a safe New Brunswick seat and then his home riding in the next general election - new leaders who don`t have a seat have often ran in a convenience riding to get into an elected position and then run in there home riding in the following general vote.

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