Vancouver's Housing Market - 2015

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Vancouver's Housing Market - 2015



So this is how you make it in capitalist socity - set up a charitable trust and then....

Landlords See a High Price to Cheap Rent

Let costs rise without rents keeping pace? That's how you make a housing crunch, say targets of 'renoviction' protests.



Jason Gordon and Chris Nelson founded Gordon Nelson Inc. in 2006, five years after Gordon and his wife founded J. Gordon Enterprises, a company that purchased and renovated a 25-suite rental building in the West End.

Nelson and Gordon previously worked together at the Royal Bank of Canada and through Bodog Entertainment, a now-defunct online gaming company and mixed-martial arts promoter.

GNI gives financial contributions to the Single Mothers initiatives of the YMCA, Global Action Canada Ministries, Linwood House Ministries, The Salvation Army, Tides Canada Foundation, Vancouver Fruit Tree Society, West End Cleanup Program, Prince Rupert Municipal Golf Course, and the Vancouver School Board.


Paul Sander's father Stephen founded Hollyburn Properties in 1972 while he was still working as a schoolteacher. Born in a refugee camp in In

dia and named Sukhwant Singh, Stephen changed his name after immigrating to Canada in 1960 for a job teaching physical education in Nova Scotia.

In India, Sander spent seven years living on the streets of Delhi, herding cows for $8 a month and sleeping with the animals, according to an April 1990 Seattle Times article profiling his philanthropic donations.

In the early '90s, Sander founded a charitable trust called the Consciousness International Foundation, for which he planned to use $170 million in rental income from 23 apartment buildings to finance development projects in third-world countries. The plan was to distribute about $5 million a year. According to the Vancouver Sun, the foundation folded in 2002, with little evidence of Sander's plans coming to fruition.

Hollyburn Properties now owns 47 buildings in Vancouver, three in Calgary and eight in Toronto.


Thrown Out: Fight Grinds on Against 'Renovictions'

'The system is broken' say renter advocates who claim they're trapped in endless legal battles with landlords


What is Landlord BC

This whining by landlords is pathetic.

No one is forcing these landlords to be landlords. If they don't like the rules get out and do something else instead of beating up on tenants


No Room to Rent in the Livable City

Can Vancouver turn the tide on 'renovictions' and keep housing affordable