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Vancouver's Left Front

The Left Front is a broad group of activists from diverse organizations in Vancouver, BC. We meet and work independent of parties, grounded in a common commitment to autonomous grassroots movements. Our aim is to cultivate space for grassroots politics within our city and beyond. The Left Front works to connect social movements in order to affect policy and generate dialogue that reflects the realities of the renter-majority, marginalized communities and the working class living in one of the most unaffordable cities in the world.


Utilizing a collective structure, we work to maintain an open environment where all voices are heard and valued without relying on internal hierarchies, as much as possible. In focusing on collectivity and non-hierarchical organizing we aim to ensure that our actions are grounded in broadly socialist, feminist, and inclusionary principles. We work in solidarity with ongoing and emerging Indigenous struggles, and with movements rooted in indigenous sovereignty, as we struggle together against the forces of capitalism, racism, imperialism and colonialism.

New voices and perspectives are welcomed and our meetings are always open to newcomers. Here’s how to get involved.

Vancouver's Left Front

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Five new members voted onto COPE Executive

This past weekend, on Sunday, March 30th, the Coalition of Progressive Electors elected five new members to its Executive board....

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Activists take control of COPE, filling most executive positions

Self-identified activists with a group called the Left Front won most of the executive positions for the Coalition of Progressive Electors on Sunday, sending a message to voters that the Vancouver civic party is unlikely to moderate its left-leaning course anytime soon.

However, familiar face Tim Louis defeated a challenge from Left Front member Herb Varley for the position of party co-chair, countering the annual general meeting’s prevailing current in favour of the group’s candidates and retaining Louis’ role as one of COPE’s key members. Balancing out the head of the COPE executive is now Heather Gies, a Left Front member who won the other co-chair position.

Gies said in an interview that the party is determined to put forward a strong political alternative to Vision Vancouver during the Nov. 15 civic election by running candidates for schools, parks and council as well as for mayor.

“We’re inviting nominees to come forward at this time,” said Gies, who had been serving as COPE’s corresponding secretary. “We want to sweep the developers out of the backroom.”

She said the Left Front was not created for the purpose of running candidates, but rather for grassroots organizing, and its members who were elected to the COPE executive would now devote their attention to the party. They include herself, Maureen Bourke, Maria Wallstam, Charlene Sayo, Kombii Nanjalah, Alex Mierke-Zatwarnicki, Karen Gilchrist, and Varley, who lost to Louis, but got the nod as the party’s membership secretary.

Wallstam will return as COPE’s recording secretary and Bourke was re-elected as fundraiser, while the remainder were selected as members-at-large.

Rounding out the list of members-at-large chosen on Sunday were Anita Romaniuk and Allison McDonald.

"Self-identified activists" lol

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COPE elects new board, adopts platform at AGM

The Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE) held their annual general meeting on July 6, 2014. There was a large turnout and the auditorium at the Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral in Mount Pleasant was packed.

The membership of COPE elected new board members, adopted a number of changes to their procedures for candidate selection and agreed on a platform. COPE also endorsed a motion to ask for a plebiscite on oil tankers and pipelines during the 2014 November election and agreed to advocate to make Vancouver an oil tanker and pipeline free zone....

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..from cope's site after the recent changes.

Differences between COPE’s strong Housing Authority and Vision’s weak “housing agency”

Late Wednesday night Vancouver City Council received a staff report on what will become a City-run “one-stop shop” for developers. There are crucial differences between COPE’s Housing Authority plan and Vision’s “Housing Agency.”...