Vote BCNDP on May 9th-for survival AND jobs!

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Ken Burch
Vote BCNDP on May 9th-for survival AND jobs!

Thought we should have a page like this, given all the pages started here in support of the re-election of the corrupt, reactionary Christy Clark BC "Liberal" government.




This is the kind of corruption that we are fighting. There was no environmental process merely a rubber stamp for corporate allies.


Democracy Watch and PIPE UP Network have applied for a judicial review of the environmental assessment certificate granted earlier this year by the province for Kinder Morgan Canada’s $6.8-billion project.

Documents filed Tuesday in court say the approval process is tainted by $560,000 in political donations made over six years to B.C.’s Liberal party by Kinder Morgan and various oil shippers interested in using the pipeline.

The application also points to $300,000 that Premier Christy Clark received while leader of the B.C. Liberals, although the premier announced recently she would no longer take the party’s $50,000 a year stipend.

The advocacy groups say in their petition that any reasonable, informed and thoughtful person could not help but conclude that the government would have at least been subconsciously affected by the financial contributions.