Will we ever stop funding Private Schools?

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Will we ever stop funding Private Schools?

I sure hope so as it is just another sop to the rich which keeps the rich, rich, and the poor, poor.



It is a huge problem here in Québec. Thanks for the Western angle. Other than the class angle, the religious angle is very important. In Montréal the Hassidic schools are the most visible (and the most visibly not respecting the curriculum, with respect to science, but also not teaching French and English adequately, leaving young people unemployable) but in other areas, the fundie Christians are every bit as science and general knowledge averse. These faith schools also share deep misogyny and homophobia, whichever faith they are teaching.


Well I am sure you all know what just happened in Saskatchewan.

A town figured they could game the public system and have a school in their town (despite insufficient numbers) by starting a Catholic school. Got sued by the public system. The end was a ruling that having non-Catholic students use their school taxes to fund the Catholic system is unconstitutional, since that wasn't the original purpose of the Act. I have friends who have put their kids in the Catholic system for the arts programs, and because they had conflicts in the public system.

The Sask Party has invoked the notwithstanding clause to maintain the status quo. After all, they just built five schools that have Catholic and Public schools pasted together duplex style. And it puts them squarely against their own public school system.


It is complicated, because some schools in the Catholic system, like Oskayak, actually do important work. There is no reason why it can't be moved into the public system though.


Of course the real reason the system was founded was good - to protect the Francophone community from racism in the regular system. That reason is no longer valid.

And these new schools are private in more ways than one. They were built on a P3 model, and are managed by private companies. You can't stick a pin in the wall without approval.