4th Annual Decolonizing Conference: Call For Papers

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4th Annual Decolonizing Conference: Call For Papers


4th Annual Decolonizing Conference: Call For Papers

25 March at 09:00 - 26 March at 17:00
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education-University of Toronto
252 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5S 1V6 CANADA

March 25 & 26 2011

Annual Decolonizing Conference: Land, Citizenship, belonging, and the Place of the Spirit

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education-University of Toronto
Call for Papers

Since European contact and the subsequent historization of the myth of the discovery story of the "Americas," Turtle Island has not been the same. In essence, the "discovery" story ushered in an age of colonialism, imperialism, and the enslavement of Indigenous populations across the globe.

This conference Land, Citizenship, Belonging and the Place of the Spirit aims at creating dialogue relating to the role of spirituality as a liberating discourse that Indigenous peoples of the world have and continue to tap into as a source of empowerment and resistance against colonial violence. Indigenous spiritualities are the foundation of a collective spiritual awareness, and visions helps make sense of the contemporary challenges facing Indigenous communities but also keep a gaze on their intergenerational anti-colonial struggles. 

The conference will discuss a broad range of issues such as citizenship, identity, and belonging from various spiritual domains, and thoughts about the social, political, and cultural implications of claiming Indigenous spirituality.

We welcome panels, posters and discussions that will engage in and around Spirituality, and share the stories of our Indigenous ancestral knowledges and the impact of colonization to address the political, practical, and the pedagogical implications for Indigenous peoples. For more information about the conference and to submit an abstract please email [email protected].

Subtopic (theme- land, citizenship, and belonging)
Indigenous Diasporric Spirituality Land and Belonging
Spirituality and Identity
Spirit and Research
Indigenous Orality Sacred spaces for Spirituality
Land and Identity Intergenerational Spirituality
Citizenship and identity Land as Teacher
Trauma and Healing (recovering)
Collective memories, Land memoires, and Blood memories
Spirituality and Schooling
Vision and Decolonization
Singing sacred Songs
Revisioning and reclaiming spirituality
Spirituality and Food
Sexuality and Spirituality
Displacement and Relocation
Land and Sovereignty

Call for Papers Deadline: January 15, 2011
Please submit abstract of 200 words, include your name, contact information, paper title and brief bio (50 words). Please be advised that all abstracts are subject to peer review.

All submissions should be sent to [email protected].
Please indicate if you require technology.

This conference is organized by the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto: Centre for Integrative Anti-Racism Studies.


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