The 8th Annual Critical Race and Anticolonial Studies Conference: Toronto: Nov 14 to 16, 2008

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The 8th Annual Critical Race and Anticolonial Studies Conference: Toronto: Nov 14 to 16, 2008

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This conference is hosted by Researchers and Academics of Colour for Equality (R.A.C.E.)  


Building Anti-Racist and Anti-Colonial Theory and Practice for Our Times

We are subject daily to revelations about the violence and hypocrisy behind the claims to democracy and human rights in the discourses of the new imperialism. Likewise, there is mounting evidence of the ravages wreaked by globalized capitalism on most of humanity. Despite this, imperialist wars and neoliberal globalized capitalism continue to enjoy hegemonic status in economic, political, social and cultural realms. Underpinning these hegemonies, and central to the very possibility and acceptability of the forms of violence, destruction, injustices and inequalities are race and colonial logics whose force of destruction is borne by colonized and racialized groups, especially those who also face class and gender subordination. The conference aims to bring academics and activists together to critically explore the nature of these hegemonies and to build anti-racist and anti-colonial alliances.

This conference has three goals:

1. To build knowledge of the raced, classed and gendered nature of the hegemonies of imperialism and neoliberal globalization.
2. To provide a more specific focus on how Canada and Canadians are implicated in these processes within their country and abroad.
3. To help build communities and practices of resistance against racism, colonialism, imperialism and neoliberal globalized capitalism.

Community Fee $30 (sliding scale available)
Students, Part-Time Employed and Unemployed Fee: $25 in advance ($30 on the day of the conference) (sliding scale available)

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