Black woman falsely acused

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Black woman falsely acused

Recently, a 28 year old woman claimed that she was attacked by an unknown assailant, and had acid thrown in her face by a black woman with an athletic build.

Her attacker (the black woman), allegly said: "Hey, pretty girl, want something to drink?"

Upon further questioning, her story became inconsistent, and she finally admitted that she made up the story, and threw acid on her self.

Now, perhaps this is blaming the victim, but since the victim is also the perpetrator, it seems acceptable. Clearly, this woman has mental health issues, and this is a desperate plea for attention.

But what is disturbing is that she decided to describe her attacker as a black woman, further fuelling false stereotypes, that blacks are both violent, and jealous of white women.

I hope that once this woman recovers, she issues an apology to the African American community.


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Imaginary POC are disproportionately responsible for imaginary crime. 


Another false flag surprise attack. What's the world coming to?

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This article is a muddle, and conveniently skips over the troublesome dynamic of guards having sex with inmates, but touches on an earlier case of this kind of racism and places it in a larger context:

In 1994, Smith led the country on a wild goose chase for nine days by blaming a fictitious black man for carjacking her Mazda with her sons still in the car. The practice of unjustly blaming blacks and imprisoning them with alarming racial disparity, is not fictitious. It is a real national tragedy being revealed in studies by human rights groups and government agencies.

[url=]Continuing Saga of Sex, Murder & Racism: Susan Smith Is Still Scheming In Prison[/url]