Defend Sami Sheik! Grant him permanent status!

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Defend Sami Sheik! Grant him permanent status!

Sami is a bright young computer nerd who lives in Parc-Extension, a very multicultural neighbourhood in central-Northern Montréal. 

He is now facing expulsion from Canada; he came to Mtl at the age of 12 and is fluent in French and English, not Urdu. He has been accepted at several university computer and communications departments after his high school and Cégep studies, and is very appreciated as a worker. He is a valuable and productive member of our society. 

I'll let you read the attached links about the complicated reason his family lost their refugee status due to an omission on their form; it started out from vengeance by a violent son-in-law.

en français:

Québec solidaire statement:

Issues Pages: 

HELP! I misspelled Mr Sheikh's family name, and there is no edit function showing on my post!