How could this possibly happen in the 21st century, in North America?

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How could this possibly happen in the 21st century, in North America?



Shut the friggin' hospital down, put the hospital management, the people responsible, on a do not ever hire in the health care field ever again list!!!


Nurse's suit: Mich. hospital granted father's request for no black nurses caring for newborn

FLINT, Mich. - An African-American nurse claims a Michigan hospital agreed to a man's request that no black nurses care for his newborn.

Forty-nine-year-old Tonya Battle tells the Detroit Free Press she didn't know how to react when she learned about the request in October at Hurley Medical Center in Flint. Battle sued last month in Genesee Circuit Court seeking punitive damages.

Battle's lawsuit claims a note was posted on an assignment clipboard reading "No African American nurse to take care of baby." She says it was later removed, but claims black nurses weren't assigned to the baby's care for about a month.

Hurley President Melany Gavulic said in a statement Tuesday the father showed Battle's supervisor a swastika tattoo, which angered the staff. She says supervisors were concerned for the staff's safety.




At least it spared African-American and other Black nurses from having to deal with this racist prick, but frankly... (I don't see a vomit smiley).


I can see that the hospital was in a spot, having to balance care for a newborn with the father's horrible demands, but what a shitty way to deal with it. They should have made him camp out and change diapers and try to enforce the damned thing, and see for himself how a hospital operates.



I could see the hospital doing it just to get it over with so the baby is not denied care but it was really a cowardly way to do it


They should have said fuck no and you can wait outside while we handle this and no you cannot leave with the baby that would be negligence on our part (while they dial childs aid)


The correct response can only be: I'm sorry sir, we can't accommodate that request.

Buddy can deal with that reality on his own time.


The question is all wrong.  To start with, it betrays an element of surprise, and then it's as if 21st Century North America is above this sort of thing as if it were an anomaly.