Islam vs. Islamists: The film PBS wanted to axe

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Islam vs. Islamists: The film PBS wanted to axe

Do Majority of babblers believe that Tarek Fatah is also a sill for Islamophobe?

So who are the moderate muslims? I ask because I am trying to understand Islam and I need more information on who are the genuine moderates?


I guess I meant Progressive /reformist muslims ...not moderate...

Who are they, who should I be reading?


The point of this 'seeking' and in the other closed thread, is all too obvious.


No kidding.  I'm not positive that Seeking is just karma09 back with a new account, but the posting style is the same, and by some amazing coincidence, he signed up the same day karma09 was banned and demanded to know why - and it's the same anti-Muslim spamming crap, so I'm locking this thread, and locking his account.

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