Judge Marc Nadon (yeah, him!) says it's ok to single out Chinese passengers for customs searches

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Judge Marc Nadon (yeah, him!) says it's ok to single out Chinese passengers for customs searches



[url=http://news.nationalpost.com/2014/10/14/airport-search-not-racial-profil... search not racial profiling when based on customs officers’ on-the-job experience: court[/url]


“Officers on the front line, such as the officer herein, cannot be expected to leave their experience — acquired usually after many years of observing people from different countries entering Canada — at home,” Justice Marc Nadon said, writing on behalf of a three-person appeal panel.

Justice Nadon made the comment in overturning a tribunal decision that quashed an $800 fine imposed against an Ottawa woman, Ting Ting Tam, who failed to declare some pork rolls in her luggage. [...]

The customs officer twice asked her whether she had food, plants, candies or anything edible in her bags. Both times Ms. Tam said she did not having anything of the sort.

He asked those questions, the customs officer said in a report, “because it has been my experience working in the air mode stream that it is more than common that individuals of Chinese origin returning from China bring agricultural products with them.

So racial profiling is ok, as long as it's "my experience" that those races do bad shit.

This is the decision of the same Marc Nadon whom Stephen Harper tried to foist on the Supreme Court - unlawfully. Nadon collected lots of taxpayer dollars while sitting and doing nothing, until his sorry ass was turfed definitively.

Wouldn't it be nice poetic justice if the same Supreme Court turfed his ass again by overturning this racist decision?



Disgusting. Any time I'm queueing to return here from a work trip, it always takes a huge time longer if I'm behind anyone who is of "dubious" ethnic backgrounds. And that is not a place one can speak up. Although they can't prevent me from returning to my own country, they can do all kinds of other humiliating and terrifying things to me. Pigs.