The Kьbler-Ross Stages of Facing Racism

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The Kьbler-Ross Stages of Facing Racism


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From [url=]ciderpress[/url]:


The Kьbler-Ross stages of being confronted on racism:
[LIST]Denial: "The show/the character/that phrasing can't possibly be racist. I know them/it/the writer, they aren't racist! I don't have white privilege; I'm a individual! Why are you attacking me?"

Anger: "How dare you call me/them/it a racist! That's not nice, in fact, it's the worst thing anyone could ever hear ever. And you're a crazy troublemaker! And you don't know what real racism is!”

Bargaining: "Okay, maybe you kind of have a point but how does this benefit me? And how does it benefit you? Shouldn't we be out talking in the real world where it counts?"

Depression: "what good does talking about this do? It doesn't change the world, it doesn't change anything? Why bother? I come to fandom to get away from these sad real life things."

Acceptance: "wow, huh. Maybe there is a problem. So, what do I do now?" or my personal favourite, "oh, I know everything now, I don't need to read further."[/LIST]

Which hey, leads us all the way back to denial again. There is individual change and growth but as fandom, as this undefinable entity, as a community? I cannot see that much progress in last twelve months of race discussions in fandom.

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I really want discussion about the intersectionality of race and gender and class. I want discussion about the nuances of how different alien races reflect RL race representation in SF. I want to read/talk about how different communities approach language, how it differs among dialects and cultures, why some people are comfortable with being identified as non-white, why others think it is offensive. I want to discuss where we agree, where we disagree, I want discussion about the intersectionality between cultural oppression/appropriation and race. I want to discuss speech and discourse communities within different minorities. I want discuss why (South) Asians, who are the biggest UK minority, are all but invisible in UK media and how that compares with black representation on US media. I want discussion about intra-PoC race tensions. I want discussions all those subjects that I don't even know the existence of yet. There are nuances, different issues concerning people of different racial minorities, in-depth discussion and dissent amongst the FoC community. As "individual" as white fans are, so are we. There is no newsletter; there is no single, representative voice. Dude, I can count on two hands how many FoCs I know in fandom. I can count on one hand how many I've met.

From the link above in Makwa's post.

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Thank you for starting this thread, Makwa.

Here is a link to a pdf file for a booklet called "I Can Fix It" It lists 5 things you can do to end racism. It's a way cool resource. It's made by a woman, damali ayo, who is USian, so her references are all USian. It's comprehensive, uses accessible language, and is free.

[url=]I can Fix it[/url]