Macleans suggests Canadian universities are " 'Too Asian'? "

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DaveW wrote:
... but they ARE reporting on a widespread word-of-mouth Canadian student view, one which would not disappear if unreported.

What statistics or data tell us that this "word-of-mouth Canadian student view" is widespread? Maclean's quoted a handful of students: how do we know that their views are "widespread"?


good point; hard to judge that, survey data or opinion poll or whatever just not cited


I remember one criticism (Chantal Hebert's , I believe) of their Bonhomme cover was that they should have at least put a question mark at the end of "Most Corrupt Province". So I guess they figured this was a way of covering their asses.


My son's high school grad class was half asian and it was obvious from the groups of kids hanging together at their grad events that they were not selecting friends based on race or ethnicity.  The various cliques appeared to be all pretty mixed.  That is the Canada I live in not some Macleans view of the world with the US and THEM racism.

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