Nerenberg: Canadian comfort to "hateful" Hungarian fascists?

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Nerenberg: Canadian comfort to "hateful" Hungarian fascists?

This continues in the same vein as the post on Ezra Levant and the Hungarian Jobbik racist neo-Nazi scum, but is not directly a media post. It encompasses Canadian complicity, in possibly awarding "safe nation" status to Hungary, as well as the aggravation of Jobbick threats against Hungarian Roma, Jews and anti-fascists, and assent from the "mainstream, respectable" rightwing party in that Central-European country's Parliament.‘hateful-xenophobic-nutbars’

These manifestations include paramilitary type parades in uniforms reminiscent of the Nazi-collaborator Arrow Cross (who murdered and rounded up many Hungarian Jews, Roma and political opponents), a Jobbik parliamentarian demanding a "register" of Hungarian Jews, and torchlight marches through Hungarian Roma neighbourhoods and villages. Scary stuff. 

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Thanks for posting this, lagatta. I had the fantastic opportunity to stay with Karl during our recent staff retreat in Ottawa and he took me on a tour of parliament. Even Irwin Cotler approached him to commend his work on defending and publicizing the plight of the Roma.

If the World Jewish Congress President Ron Lauder’s words were not sufficient to give the Canadian Immigration Minister pause, he might want to consult recent news reports on a Hungarian Member of Parliament’s proposal that Hungary’s Jews should be registered on lists as “threats to national security.”

Or, Kenney could consult the respected German newsmagazine, Der Spiegel, which just days ago, explained how Hungary’s extreme right Jobbik Party – the party, to use Kenney’s words, of “nutbars” – has successfully pulled Orban’s respectable, governing Fidesz Party into race-hate territory.

 “In reality,” Der Spiegel reports, “Fidesz has moved ever closer to the positions of the right-wing extremist Jobbik party, partly to lure voters from the right and partly out of conviction. In September, Prime Minister Victor Orbán held a blood-and-soil speech on Hungarian values that bordered on right-wing extremism in the southern Hungarian village of Ópusztaszer on the occasion of a memorial dedication. In May, Hungarian Parliamentary President László Kövér took part in a memorial for the writer József Nyírö, who was a leading cultural ideologist for the Arrow Cross. In Hungary's current national curriculum for its schools, the works of several anti-Semitic authors are listed as recommended reading.”

The unavoidable truth is that granting safe Designated Country of Origin status to any country will not be a mere technical administrative matter.

It will inevitably have far-reaching political consequences.

There can be almost no doubt that the minute Canada bestows the honour of “safe” country on present-day Hungary there will be defiant cries of victory from that country’s violent militias and legions of admirers of 1930s and 1940s style Fascism.

It might be an unintended consequence; but it should not come a surprise to Jason Kenney and this government.



You are welcome (by the way, I sent some of the Spiegel articles to Karl, though it is utterly possible that he had also found them on his own) - for obvious historical and geographical reasons - and because Spiegel is a very good publication - they have some of the best coverage of this deplorable crap. 

Unfortunately, I am utterly incapable of reading Hungarian... 

Only Karl Nerenberg and Joe Fiorito of The Star seem to be doing anything about publicising and defending Roma rights and their worsened plight in supposedly democratic European countries... 

Cotler can actually be quite good on several issues as long as they have nothing to do with Israel and Palestine. 


Good for Karl!!


Yes, please think to comment at his blog at - there are of course the None are too many types commenting who say the Roma aren't our care, and after all they have high crime rates and all that. 

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Took the words right out of my mouth.


None is Too Many, take two!

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Google translate wrote:

In order to prevent abuse of its asylum systems, Canada has changed.

Arrivals with unfounded asylum requests [will be] quickly sent home.

For details:

The billboard is in Miskolc, Hungary's third biggest city. Many Roma who previously immigrated to Canada used to live in this city and its surrounding area.