Paul Robeson's Independant Recordings - On My Journey

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Paul Robeson's Independant Recordings - On My Journey



The African-American singer Paul Robeson - 1896-1976 - (and high achiever: All-American football player, honours student as the only Black at Rutgers, lawyer, dramatic actor, renowned singer, and political activist, whew!)combined music with social and political activism in a way that is unmatched in our time.

His outspoken opposition to McCarthyism and his civil rights advocacy meant no record label would dare sign him on. So Robeson launched his own company and released his recordings.

Here we now have the opportunity to hear his great singing voice and appreciate this amazing talent that once was.

I was recently introduced to this magnificent talent and wanted to share my significant find with others here.

You can hear samples of the tracks at the link.

[url= supremely multi talented (and never forgotten) Paul Robeson. sample his music here[/url]

[url=]What an amazing life - Paul Robeson wikipedia.[/url]

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My mother had recordings of Paul Robeson on vinyl, and the complete Paul Robeson recordings were being re-issued years ago on his centenary, [url=]information here.[/url]


Boom Boom if those are the original recordings from Robesons's original issue then wow you have a lovely and valuable piece of history.

Paul Robeson and his vast accomplishments deserve to be much more well known and honoured by history than he has been so far.

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I was exposed to Paul Robeson because I used to listen to Gilmour's Albums and old Clyde just adored Robeson and would play something by him almost every show.

Robeson's story is tragic. Literally a genius who excelled in several fields his life and career were destroyed by political repression in the US (and I think his heart was also broken by the revelations in the late-50s about Stalin's crimes).

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Strangely enough, I was just listening to the industrial remix of 'Old Man River' by Nurse With Wound. Whoda thunk..