Québec tribunal fines Bombardier $319,000 for racial profiling

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Québec tribunal fines Bombardier $319,000 for racial profiling



[url=http://www.montrealgazette.com/life/Bombardier+fined+refusing+train/3947... guilty of refusing to train Canadian pilot of Pakistani origin because he had been identified as a "threat to aviation or national security" by U.S. authorities.[/url]

Great story. Nice sum of money. It seems the victim hasn't been reached and may not know about the ruling yet.

This isn't just about racial profiling. It's about Canadian companies, operating in Canada, following the fascistic dictates and guidelines of the U.S. There was another story where Bombardier got a contract to build or repair some U.S. aircraft, and wasn't allowed to use workers from a list of "proscribed" countries - even if they were Canadian citizens (as the pilot was in this case)! I'll dig that up and refresh my memory - don't recall how it ended up.


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Thanks for the good news story, Unionist.

Too bad the example is Bombardier, who is hardly a worthy employment equity employer, but still. If the death-corporations get fined for racist hiring practices who knows what sector is next?



Found it - it was Bell Helicopter banning workers - Canadian citizens - from working on a U.S. military contract because their countries of origin were deemed "hostile to U.S. national security" - such as China, Cuba, Lebanon, Iraq, Haiti, Somalia, Vietnam and Venezuela! There was a nice victory there too:


That's not the end of the story. I believe there were further proceedings before the Québec Human Rights and Youth Tribunal in respect of a worker of Haitian origin, but that a settlement was reached. No link to offer on that yet.


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Sheesh. Almost everyone here has a Bombardier skidoo. A few more enlightened folks have purchased Yamaha, Arctic Cat, or Polaris instead. I'm still using a 2003 Bombardier 380 - I brought it before I knew of Bombardier's employment history.Frown


The U.S. militarists are still imposing their racist policies in Canada:

[url=http://www.cjad.com/CJADLocalNews/entry.aspx?BlogEntryID=10449798]Hiring discrimination in aerospace industry?[/url]


A 24-year-old Montreal man is alleging he was a victim of discrimination when he was refused an aerospace job because he was born in Lebanon.


He said he was told in August by a recruiting company he'd be a perfect fit for an aircraft assembly job at Bell Helicopter, except when they found out he was born in Lebanon, one of the countries banned under ITAR, the U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations that restrict the hiring of people from countries considered hostile to American national security.


ITAR was amended last year so people like Joe could be hired for such jobs. But while that's on paper, Joe says it apparently hasn't translated into practice. He's filed a complaint with the Quebec Human Rights Commission. Bell Helicopter did not return calls from CJAD. In the meantime, he's driving a cab and taking on other part-time jobs to make ends meet.


Disgusting. Since when is Lebanon a "hostile" country anyway?

The article specifies that the young man arrived here as a babe, at the age of a year and a half.

He should get a settlement with the job, and back pay for a decent job for the whole time he's been driving a taxi and flipping kebabs at Adonis or whatever.

Does Bombardier think it's on enemy territory? Its largest plant here is in Ville St-Laurent, with a huge population from a range of Middle-Eastern countries. Montreal's largest mosque to boot.


Yes, Lebanon, like Afghanistan and Iraq, is another country which had absolutely nothing to do with that infamous terrorist attack/inside job on 9/11/01.  They are full of shit, and they want it to be widely known that they are full of shit. Most of the alleged hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, their long-time cold war ally and a country whose nationals our lapdogs in Ottawa routinely welcome with open arms for trade talks and supply weaponry to on Uncle Sam's instruction. They repent not of their lap doggery. The Harper government of Cananada is a national embrarrassment.


I neglected to post updates on the Bombardier victory.

Bombardier appealed the Human Rights Commission's decision (see OP) and the $300,000 damages. The Québec Court of Appeal agreed with Bombardier and overturned the original decision. Then in June 2014, the Supreme Court of Canada agreed to hear an appeal aimed at restoring the original decision. It will be heard sometime in 2015.

Details can be found [url=http://aviationlawblog.ahbl.ca/2014/06/19/supreme-court-to-hear-appeal-r....

And here is an old thread on a related issue: [url=http://rabble.ca/babble/national-news/quebec-company-excludes-24-workers...ébec company excludes 24 workers because of their country of origin[/url].