The Real Rosa Parks

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The Real Rosa Parks


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Yesterday was the 100th birthday of Rosa Parks. I meant to post this thread yesterday, but didn't get around to it.

Rosa Parks was not a simple seamstress and humble saint, as the mainstream civil rights movement narrative presents her. Rather, Rosa Parks was a militant feminist and lifelong political activist.

[url= It's time to free Rosa Parks from the bus[/url]

She has been imprisoned by this tale, frozen in time as a silent and saintly icon whose only real action was to stay seated so that, in the words of her many eulogists, “we could all stand up.”

This overly simplistic story makes it impossible to imagine her essay about Mr. Charlie as anything but fiction.

But what if we knew more about the real Rosa Parks—a militant race woman and sharp detective whose career as a human rights activist spanned seven decades?

It’s time to free Rosa Parks from the bus.

Democracy Now! featured an extensive interview yesterday with Jeanne Theoharis, author of [i]The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks[/i].

[url= Rosa Parks’ 100th Birthday, Recalling Her Rebellious Life Before and After the Montgomery Bus[/url]


Thx Lt.

We just watched the DN clip and it was excellent. I thought the history of what she did in the decades after was fascinating.  A determined activist who made an impact.


Rosa Parks’ hero, she describes as Malcolm X. She very much—she loved, she admired, she had—I mean, she had tremendous admiration for King, but she describes Malcolm X as her personal hero.