Resumé whitening

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Resumé whitening



Glad that someone has studied this "scientifically" - racist hiring practices and their ugly consequences:

[url= resort to ‘resumé whitening' to get a foot in the door, study shows[/url]

According to a two-year study led by University of Toronto researchers, as many as 40 per cent of minority jobseekers “whiten” their resumés by adopting Anglicized names and downplaying experience with racial groups to bypass biased screeners and just get their foot in the door. [...]

In the study, only 10 per cent of black job applicants — created by researchers based on real candidate profiles — received callbacks for job interviews if they stuck to their African names and experience with black organizations. However, the callback rate went up to 25.5 per cent if their names were “whitened” and their black experience was removed from their resumés.

In the case of the Asian applicants, only 11.5 per cent received callbacks if they used their Asian-sounding names and experience, compared to 21 per cent using whitened resumés.

The study is due for publication today, in the [url=]Administrative Science Quarterly Journal




This also applies to people trying to rent apartments, and amazingly, even in some cases to people trying to buy houses!