Stand Up. Speak Up: Ruckus: Anti-Racism Anti-Oppression Conference: Toronto: Oct 13 and 14 2010

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Stand Up. Speak Up: Ruckus: Anti-Racism Anti-Oppression Conference: Toronto: Oct 13 and 14 2010




OCTOBER 13TH AND 14TH, 2010 

RUCKUS! is a free activism & antiracism conference for youth of colour, their allies and concerned youth. It is back for another exciting year promising to bring an amazing selection of engaging workshops that will get youth to think critically about themselves and the world we live in today. RUCKUS! aims to bring together young people of colour from Ontario to critically address issues of race, racism, multiculturalism and social justice. The impetus for this project came from the awareness that young people of colour often lack role models who share their cultural histories and experiences, especially in social and environmental justice communities.

What type of workshops/activities will be held this year?

This year’s workshops will bring to the forefront issues that are relevant to today’s youth including, homophobia, islamaphobia, gender, racism, anti oppression, aboriginal discrimination and activism through the arts. 

What’s the main message?

This year’s Ruckus aims to focus to provide a positive space for youth to express themselves through arts and other mediums to get their voices heard. This years’ theme is “Stand Up. Speak Up” tries to express to youth that activism begins with one’s own understanding of the various systems of oppression that allow injustices to continue. In understanding how these systems work, youth will be given the resources and space to learn how to organize effectively to create positive change in their communities.

Registration is FREE and LUNCH is provided!!!
When: Wednesday, October 13th and Thursday, October 14th. 2010
Where: York University, Keele Campus, Accolade West Building

For details about the exciting workshops being offered and information on how to register,
visit our website.

School, Group and Individual registration available. 

Please note that registration closes October 10th, 2010. 

Contact: Sandra Vides Martinez at [email protected]  for more information.

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