visible minorities being screwed

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adam stratton
visible minorities being screwed


adam stratton

Please note: Non-white Babblers only.

It is our problem, non-white Canadians, that the Liberal government nominated their "man" to uphold whites' superiority.

The following is only part of the record of the Ontario human rights commission (1988-1989) under Raj Anand then appointed by a Liberal governemnt. The same Raj Anand has been now nominated as Chair of the ontario human rights support centre by yet another Liberal government.


A Star investigation shows that since Anand assumed the post of chief commissioner in January, 1988:

* The commission did not a hire a single visible minority candidate when it created and filled seven management positions. Of the eight senior commission managers, Anand is now the only one from a visible minority group.

* With one exception, all of the commission's non-white senior and lower level managers who were on staff when Anand took over have been fired or have quit. Some have moved to better, senior positions elsewhere.

* The commission's entire legal staff has quit.

* More than 10 experienced investigators and senior staff have also quit the 144-employee agency, and many of those vacancies remain unfilled.

* Some of the commission's job competitions have been discriminatory and failed to meet normal standards of the Ontario public service.

* In one case, for the job of director of policy and research, Anand rejected all applicants, changed the qualifications of the job past the deadline, gave no public notification of it, interviewed a handful of people from within the civil service and gave the job to his own special adviser.

* Most of the new $50,000- to $65,000-a-year senior managers Anand hired have no operational staff to direct.

* Speech writers and public relations experts have been hired at the same time as the commission is unable to mount any serious public education programs about discrimination.

* The commission, whose primary job is to ensure employment equity in government and the private sector, does not itself have an employment equity and affirmative action program.

* Staff morale has plummeted and there's a backlog of about one year in the processing of discrimination cases.

The Toronto Star (May 5, 1989).

Expecting whites to oppose the nomination of someone who was alleged to be practicing racism in favour of whites is tantamount to expecting capitalists to let go the profit motive.

It is [b]our[/b] job and [b]we[/b] have to do it.
Please see [url=]this link[/url] and convey your opposition to this nomination.

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Nonetheless, I presume that a white voice adding their concerns about this nomination couldn't actually [i]hurt,[/i] could it?

adam stratton

I have read about some capitalists who rejected the profit motive and changed ways. Rare, but not unheard of, LTJ.