Warren Kinsella addresses a Jewish Defence League meeting

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aka Mycroft
Warren Kinsella addresses a Jewish Defence League meeting

Warren Kinsella and the JDL

Liberal aide and one time anti-racist Warren Kinsella spoke last night at a meeting organized by the JDL</a> as a surprise guest. Kinsella hinted at this yesterday on his blog</a> but it seems he was to embarassed to actually name the meeting describing it only as a "Zionist group".

Now what would possess Kinsella to share a platform with a man who has been an apologist for terrorists and who, until recently, belonged to a Facebook group called מוות לערבים (mavet lavarim) which means "Kill the Arabs" in English? Has he gone completely mad? If he was simply naive and was somehow bamboozled from Weinstein he should say so publicly and apologise. Otherwise, we're left with no other conclusion than that Kinsella has completely lost whatever political judgement he once had. Who in their right mind would associate themselves with a group that has advocated genocidal murder?

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We really need to be going to these peoples meetings and photographing them and handing out literature.


Big City Lib in the blog makes reference to MPPs who were their. anyone know which liberals were supporting the JDL?

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Huh! I know I am hardening my position against what is transpiring world wide.

There's something of the comic-opera incompetent about Weinstein. But don't be fooled. He has the ear of the Canadian government, and (to use what appears to be his favourite phrase) he seems to be acting as Jason Kenney's "proxy agent."

In any case, his gang of thugs will be investigating Canadian anti-war and church groups:

"We will be looking into these organizations in Canada that have invited him [Galloway], their links to terror groups as well."

And if Galloway attempts to be heard in Canada "by other means" (presumably electronic)?

"[I]f he uses those other means, we will see to it that the Canadian government will be monitoring every individual and organization that will have anything to do with it ..."

NB: Not the Jewish Defence League--the Canadian government. Coming soon to a wiretap near you?


Actually unbelievable that this British MP is being portrayed to be a terrorist, if he is, whose next?!


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Yes. And that is real Nazi talk.

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Meir Weinstein's words/threats?

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His threats. I watched that. He is a bully pure and simple.

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Is bully an apt term?

He is stating that he has control over the Canadian government, and indeed is basically stating that he is the end word and representative of Jews in Canada?

How are non-Jews supposed to take this?


Weinstein's words/threats here:


by the by, the Jewish Defense League is considered to be a "violent extremist organization" by the FBI

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Yep, and apparently they are in control of our government.

Anyone got a copy of what Kinsella said?

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Kinsella's blog said this below yesterday and he has not made a posting today, too busy?

As I plan to tell a Zionist group tonight, there are some sensible libertarian folks - like the guys at the Western Standard, who I like - who won't see it that way, of course. They will say that the photograph above, showing an Aryan Guard member swinging his fist, in broad daylight, at a protestor on Saturday in front of a building where I used to work in downtown Calgary - isn't about speech, it's about crime.

Superficially, there's some truth to that. I admit that. It is equally true, for people like me, that the swinging of the fist is always preceded by hateful words. Always. Thus my opposition to expression - words, images - that inflames, and that can reasonably be foreseen to result in violence.

On one thing we can all agree: similarly-distressing images will be seen more and more as the economy gets worse. It is always thus.


 What does he mean for people "like" him?

And hey, does anyone know how Patrick Kinsella out here in BC, and Warren Kinsella are related? 


Kinsella's sucking up - pretty much HAS to -and that is likely due to the fact that, as an "insider", he has a lot to HIDE - and, due to the extensive arm$ (and ear$ and eye$) of the extreme right-wing "Israel lobby" (Likudniks) , is being played like a fish - 

"Play Ball, Or You're Toast",  is likely the theme- IMHO

his "people like me" comment might be a wily attempt to establish, in the minds of those who pay him any mind at all, that he has JUST  "the right approach"  - the "proper stance" - the "correct outlook", etc. - y'know, that "Us, Who Naturally Know Exactly How to Correctly Proceed" exclusivity?

Kinsella's a blip on the map, really, in the big picture presenting itself of late, and he's found his little niche by which to imagine he's still "got it", still on the "inside"

And Iggy is, unfortunately for Canada, as Likudnik and as Neo-Con as it gets

We, as a nation, proud and free, need to wipe them all off the map, politically-speaking, or WE're toast


check this out:

"this war brought to you by..."


(note the date of the above article - where the hell have we been, all these years, since then? ah, consuming "reality TV", and "24 hours" (or whatever it's called - never watched any of that  Rovian-inspired distractive/propaganda crap)


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Yet more evidence of just how the Liberal Party AND Conservative Party in this country are under the thumb of zionist power brokers. It is imperative that Canadians stand up to this influence and stop being afraid of the magic totem of "anti-semitism" to ward off discussion in any case where the undeniable fact is pointed out of the unhealthy influence Zionist power structures on both national parties. This is an important topic that needs to be addressed before anyone who questions it is labelled a "terrorist". Just because a segment of the Jewish population considers this line of thought to be "anti-semitic" does not deter from the obvious reality of the situation.




"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."





aka Mycroft

Wat, your post goes too far. The "Zionists" do not control the Conservative and Liberal parties any more than exiled Cubans living in Miami "control" the GOP. What you're seeing is the Tories and the Liberals both pandering to groups like the CJC and B'nai Brith but that's quite different from being under their "control." One counterfactual to your claim that the Zionists "control" the Liberal and Conservative parties is the fact that Canada's emabassy to Israel is located in Tel Aviv despite lobbying for *decades* by CJC and BBC to move it to Jerusalem.


What is a "zionist pawn broker" Wat?

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aka Mycroft wrote:
Wat, your post goes too far. The "Zionists" do not control the Conservative and Liberal parties any more than exiled Cubans living in Miami "control" the GOP. What you're seeing is the Tories and the Liberals both pandering to groups like the CJC and B'nai Brith but that's quite different from being under their "control." One counterfactual to your claim that the Zionists "control" the Liberal and Conservative parties is the fact that Canada's emabassy to Israel is located in Tel Aviv despite lobbying for *decades* by CJC and BBC to move it to Jerusalem.


Both parties unwillingness, cowardice in fact, to outright condemn the seriously disproportionate response of Israel to a few bottle rockets landing on the streets of Israel is fact enough for me. The deafening silence from Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party over the Galloway issue is fact enough for me. The willingness of the Conservative Party to support the recent slaughter in Gaza and the mouse like response of the Liberal Party is fact enough for me. There is obviously something in play here that is not entirely known, otherwise the Zionist Lobby would have to be dismissed as is umimportant as any other fringe, radical group. The location of the Canadian embassy is unimportant window dressing and one has to wonder why you chose such a silly example to point your implied moderation of Tory/Liberal Parties. Demographically speaking the segment of the Canadian population of Jews who consider themselves Zionists and supporters of Israel-I am guessing they are no more than 2-3% of the voting populace.  It has become plainly obvious anyone not wilfully paying attention to power politics in this country that the Zionist influence, their ability to speak through the Canadian mainstream media and various government officials willingness to pander to them far outweighs their demographic numbers. 

Now that we have established this fact the question is why? Why does the Zionist lobby have friends in such high places and what does this mean for those of us speaking out against Israeli atrocities and Zionist inspired warfare? Are we all to become Galloways, considered terrorists by our government?

aka Mycroft

I suppose by that reasoning you could also argue that Falun Gong controls the Conservative Party given the government's policies on China.

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Caissa wrote:
What is a "zionist pawn broker" Wat?


Well obviously I meant "power" not "pawn". Now your question is what is a Zionist "power broker"?

Two examples would be the Bronfmans and the Asper families. How about Stephen "measured respone" Harper or Michael "I am not going to lose any sleep over refugee camps being bombed" Ignatieff? One doesn't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist. I hope you are not  asking this question disingeniously though, because that would imply that you believe that there are no politically powerful Zionists.

aka Mycroft

I think talking about "Zionist power" is counterproductive and often is a code phrase for "Jewish power" and various spooky conspiracy theories of secret cabals pulling strings. Certainly supporters of Israel try to lobby the government and some of them are influential but to have actual power one would have to be able to get a country to act against its own strategic interests and that hasn't happened on any sustained basis. Despite intense lobbying by AIPAC for instance the US still sold AWACs planes to Saudi Arabia and is quite willing to sell arms to many countries that are Israel's enemies. If something is against Israel's interests but in the US' interests the US invariably acts in its own interest.

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I really didn't like Galloway repeatedly saying the "so called, "Jewish", so called "Defence League," twice in his speech. I thought that was bad form. And possibly misinterpretted. I got the sense that he didn't know enough about the organization to float a decent critque and that comment was really open to misinterpratation.

For one thing the JDL are a Jewish organization, so there is no "so called" about that.

I was also annoyed that Ali Mallah (who I like very much) repeated Galloway's refrain (actually he said it before Galloway said it so I don't know who started it) that Kenney is an Israel's amabassador to Canada. I get this point, and its a reasonable point, but in context these are the kinds of things that the right will pick up on to make counter accusations and misconstrue what is being said as saying that Canada is "controlled by Jewish interests", etc..

I agree that the most of this chatter about anti-Zionism is covert anti-semitism, is a bunch of bollocks, but there is no reason to feed the propaganda, and such allusions and metaphors are easily misconstrued, and should be avoided.

There is no reason to make it a point of pride on freedom of speech to brass out this point when there are greater issues to be confronted.


Yeah, I didn't like the "so-called Jewish so-called Defense League" thing either.  I'd have much preferred "Jewish so-called Defense League".  I remember thinking, who is he to define whether or not they are Jewish?

Although there is a corollary with Christians - there have been lots of times when I've heard people say that someone isn't a "real" Christian when they're bigoted, for instance. 

But I don't think that's the same thing - especially when an "outsider" makes the judgement.

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There are lots of things that Galloway could have said about them, such as "listed with the FBI as a terrorist organization, whose members have been convicted of conspiracies to bomb mosques and kill a US member of the house," with links to the Kach party "which is banned even in Israel", and so on and so forth. My sense was that he didn't actually know that much about them.