Wells Fargo targets African Americans with "ghetto loans"

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Wells Fargo targets African Americans with "ghetto loans"

I think the tag at the bottom of this blog post says it all: No Really This Is Some Racist Ass Shit.


Apparently the nation’s big banks decided that Jim Crow needed a comeback during the Bush administration. Wells Fargo actually targeted the emerging black middle class, folks making much higher than the median income - even as they called them “ghetto loans”. Putting morality aside for a second, what’s telling about this is that racism is market-inefficient and dangerous to the economy. It’s just not smart business strategy not matter how you feel about us “mud people.” Ignorant mofos. Wells Fargo will never see a dime from me, if I can help it.

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muthafucc Wells Fargo they bein sued atm still a lot of loaners are by us still.