When POC are collateral damage in the war on sex workers

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When POC are collateral damage in the war on sex workers

[url=http://mic.com/articles/98826/lapd-confuses-black-actress-kissing-white-... Confuses Black Actress Kissing White Husband for Prostitute[/url]


According to accounts by Watts and her husband Brian James Lucas, two police officers mistook the couple for a prostitute and client when they were seen showing affection in public. When the officers asked Watts to produce a photo ID when questioned, she refused. Watts was subsequently handcuffed and placed in the back of a police cruiser while the officers attempted to figure out who she was.


I've been involved in similar circumstances, although fortunately none involving any detentions or arrests (yet). On a number of occasions a friend and I have been followed at walking speed by police vehicles for several blocks, simply because she's a woman of colour and we were walking in a low-income neighbourhood which was known to have street-level sex work.


Isn't this more a question of so-called "racial profiling"?

Similar things have happened to Indigenous women I know well.


People of colour are suspect. Women are suspect. Sex workers are suspect. Indigenous people are suspect. Anyone in a poor neighbourhood is suspect.

It's profiling, all right. Take your pick as to how it's defined. They're all correct.