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Yes, Godin should run, and, yes, Cardy's resignation should have been accepted.


When is the next NDP NB leadership review?

Pierre C yr


Looks like Boudreau just hired a Harper tory to manage what Gallant called his Chretien martin mid 90's slah and burn program.

The Liberal government has tapped a retired federal finance official to lead the strategic program review, an initiative that is designed to chop millions out of the provincial deficit.

Health Minister Victor Boudreau, the minister responsible for the strategic program review, said the members of the initiative's advisory committee on Tuesday, which will be led by Michael Horgan.

"We need to right our fiscal ship," Boudreau said at the announcement.

Boudreau said the province is looking at a $400-million structural deficit. The strategic program review, which was promised during the election campaign, will find at least $250 million in savings.

That would leave roughly $150 million to fix the structural deficit. That could be tackled by raising review.

When Premier Brian Gallant promised the spending review in the election, he compared it to one led by former prime minister Jean Chrétien and finance minister Paul Martin in the 1990s.

The chair of the program review has a lengthy track record when it comes to financial issues.

Horgan retired in 2014 as a federal deputy minister of finance. He also played a lead role in advising Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government in the recent fight to balance the budget.

Pierre C yr

I don't know wth is wrong now the page now refuses to format paragraphs.


Caissa wrote:

Yes, Godin should run, and, yes, Cardy's resignation should have been accepted.

With Godin's popularity federally, he presumably will have a much better chance of winning a seat provincially than Cardy.  So far Godin's popularity in Acadie wasn't enough to win the NDP a seat in that area provincially, but it might be able to do so if Godin himself ran provincially.




I agree, Godin would be a good leader for the NDP in New Brunswick.


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